What Crystals Help With Sleep?

If you have been finding recently that getting to sleep is a lot harder and more troublesome than it usually is, and if you have exhausted many of the other options, one method you can try is using crystals. Read more to find out what crystals help with sleep.

What Crystals Help With Sleep?

Crystals are often used to heal illnesses, attract prosperity and renew the soul, however, they also contain energy frequencies that can help to put our minds at ease when they begin racing with ideas, making it far easier to doze off.

This also makes them a much cheaper solution than many other supplements and pieces of equipment that can assist you in sleeping.

With that being said, let’s take a look at the best crystals you can make use of that will help your body and mind de-stress so you can have a long and healthy sleep. 

1. Moonstone

Each crystal has its own unique properties and areas where they excel the most, and with moonstones, they are most well-known for reducing emotional tension, one of the biggest feelings that can make it more difficult than it needs to be to fall asleep. 

Whether it’s an argument with a friend that we can’t stop thinking about or the fear that we might be growing apart from the ones we love, moonstones can help let these feelings and emotions pass on so that you can have a peaceful and pleasant sleep. 

2. Amethyst

Many actually consider amethyst the best crystal for sleeping, however, it should aways be kept in mind that it is more so designed for heavy sleepers rather than light sleepers.

Amethyst encouraged divine wisdom by targeting the Third Eye Chakras which can allow healing energy to pass into our dreams while removing negative energy. 

It is therefore most optimal when you’re having trouble with your dreams and want to try and influence them, while also protecting against nightmares. It can either be placed on your nightstand or under a pillow to receive its effects. 

3. Ammonite

This deep orange and brown crystal promotes healthy and peaceful sleep by seeping out toxic energy and replacing it with a sense of relaxation, immunity, and enhanced physical health which can help make you feel a lot lighter and more at ease physically while lying in bed. 

Ammonite therefore works to therapeutically restructure our aura, or personal energy field, and keep our mind and body completely relaxed while resting, no matter what stresses we may have experienced throughout the day. 

4. Clear Quartz

Clear quartz are a fairly versatile type of crystal since for some, they can encourage energy and creativity, while for others they can inspire relaxation and help to soothe the mind when it’s having trouble trying to shut down and rest for the day. 

There’s therefore no harm in at least trying out crystal quartz since if you do belong in this latter category, this crystal will clear out negative feelings and help fill your body and mind with positive energy as you sleep.

5. Angelite 

What Crystals Help With Sleep?

Well known as the ‘Stone of Awareness’, angelite helps to inspire a feeling of inner peace that is tremendously useful if you suffer from bad anxiety or fear when you try sleeping. 

Not only does angelite help us be more aware of our dreams, during and after they have finished, but it can also help to quiet down the mind when we might have lingering worries that are preventing us from getting a good night sleep

6. Selenite

Because of its incredible healing properties, selenite is not only great to keep close to you as you’re sleeping, but it is also perfect to use when meditating before sleep so that you can rest peacefully without your mind wandering or becoming preoccupied with any stresses or worries that can take you away from getting as good a sleep as possible. 

Selenite is primarily known for encouraging peace and serenity which makes it great for dispelling negative energy and keeping our mind positive and free of worry when it’s time to clock out for the day. 

7. Jade

This deep green crystal contains a decent number of different properties that can help influence our bodies and minds in positive ways, however one of its greatest properties is reducing stress and increasing harmony and balance in our lives which works tremendously well for sleep when we have multiple stressful situations on our mind at once. 

Since one of jade’s many positive effects is attuning us to the frequency of wealth, it is specifically good for keeping our minds free of money and financial worries which is a common thought many of us will have when trying to sleep

8. Rose Quartz

Known as one of the greatest healing crystals out there, rose quartz work by surrounding us in gentle, kind and sweet energy in order to remove and protect us from harsh and negative auras currently in our lives.

These properties make rose quartz great for sleeping as they can encourage both our body and mind to rest in our positive emotions and feelings rather than getting wrapped up in all the negatives which can easily cause our minds to wander. 

How To Use Crystals When Sleeping

While some crystals such as amethyst will be most beneficial when placed in certain areas such as under the pillow, most crystals can be placed either on a nightstand in close proximity to your head, under your mattress, or even on each side of your head or above the crown while you sleep. 

In most cases, the exact location won’t enhance or diminish the effects of crystals, it is only important that they are always physically close to you and that you open yourself emotionally to them to receive and accept their effects. 

FAQ: How to Sleep With Crystals

  • Can you put crystals under your mattress? Yes, the size of course matters because you don’t want to feel like you are sleeping on a crystal, but you want your crystals close to you and you can put them under your mattress or pillow. It won’t diminish their healing energy.
  • Do crystals really help you sleep? While there is no scientific research to confirm crystals help you with sleep, many healers would argue otherwise. Crystals are known for their special energy and many people believe they contain healing powers. If you believe they will help you, this article gives details about which crystals are commonly felt to have healing energy for sleep.
  • Can you leave your crystals out all night? It is common practice to leave crystals out all night while you sleep. it is believed to be the best way to receive the healing benefits they provide including helping you to rememberyour dreams and surrounding yourself with positive energy.

Summary: What Crystals Help With Sleep 

If you’re struggling to sleep and want a more natural and far cheaper way to help your body and mind rest peacefully, and you believe in the healing power of crystals, try placing any of the crystals mentioned above near you when you sleep.  Do this and feel the healing benefits of all their unique properties for sleep. 

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