How To Keep Mattress From Sliding

Our beds are meant to be the most comfortable place in our home. They’re there for us to rest in and sleep, and we are all aware of how critical it is to get the right amount of quality sleep! 

However, one of the most common irritations that people experience is when their mattress slides, usually during sleep. If you are one of these people, you’re probably wondering – how can I keep my mattress from sliding?

There’s lots of things you can do ranging from rug pad grips to adding a rail, or even using velcro! 

Of course, there’s lots more to know than just this, so we’ve written this handy guide which should help you to stop your mattress from sliding all the time.

So, read on to learn more!

Why Does My Mattress Keep Sliding?

There are a number of reasons why your mattress might slide from time to time, and some reasons why your mattress might be sliding all of the time! 

Here are some of the most common reasons for your sliding mattress

The Age Of Your Mattress 

Your mattress should be changed every now and then. Depending on when you purchased your mattress, it may have a lifespan of 10 years or it may be significantly less than this.

What we might not like to consider is that when we use our mattress, we are excreting our sweat and bodily oils into our mattress. Over time, this can significantly deteriorate our mattress and this can lead to it sliding. 

The Size Of Your Mattress 

One of the most critical points to your bed is having a mattress that fits the bed frame. If you have the wrong size mattress, it can easily slide away when you are trying to relax. 

The fact is, if you’ve bought the wrong size mattress, you will need to either replace it or buy a different bed frame! 

Uneven Support 

If your bed uses wooden slats or springs, the support may have become loose over time due to deterioration or poor fitting. 

You should look underneath your mattress to see if this is the culprit before proceeding to do anything else. 

Lack Of A Rail 

Some people like to opt for a bed without railings because they look better. While this might be the case for some of you, the fact is that railings help to keep your mattress in place.

Without this railing system in place, your mattress is likely to keep moving all over the place and therefore it will continue to slide. 

Poor Grip And Poor Friction 

If your mattress is having trouble getting a grip with the surface it is on, you may find it is sliding everywhere. Some mattresses have more friction than others and some are made with materials that can help them stay in place. 

How To Keep Mattress From Sliding

Tips To Stop Your Mattress From Sliding 

If you want some easy solutions to your mattress sliding problems, here’s what you can do. 

Get Some Rug Pad Grippers 

One excellent solution to keeping your mattress in place is using the same gripping pads that our rugs and carpets use to remain solid and in one position.

You can find these rug pad grippers in a variety of different home stores and places that sell rugs or carpets. 

Buy Non-Slip Pads For Mattresses 

There are specific pads designed for mattresses not to slip and slide. Because they are designed with your mattress in mind, they are usually much more durable and can usually work easily with any type of mattress.

However, it is worth asking at the store about your specific mattress and the bed type that you have, in case there is a problem using these non-slip pads.

Use Velcro 

Velcro is one of the unsung heroes when it comes to keeping things together. Depending on what type of mattress you have, you may be able to place some velcro on both the top and the bottom of your mattress.

If this is possible, then this should reduce the amount of motion that your mattress receives and should keep it from shifting around all of the time. 

Add Some Railings 

As we mentioned earlier, railings can help keep your mattress, and of course, anyone that is on it, in place. If you can find the right railings, your mattress should remain firmly in place and keep it from sliding.

However, you need to make sure that the railings you are looking at can easily be installed onto your bed. If you do not have the ability to do this, then do not try to force it on because the mattress might still slide. 

Buy Mattress Extenders Or Gap-Fillers 

Most bed stores will have things like mattress extenders or gap fillers which can help solve the problems related to sliding mattresses if your bed is too large.

This can help easily solve the problem without the need to buy a new mattress or new bed frame. However, this might not be relevant to your situation. 

Clean The Bed 

A quick and easy way that might solve your problem is by cleaning the mattress on both sides and then using fresh sheets. 

Remember to use mattress friendly cleaning equipment and flip the mattress. You should also use the vacuum to get rid of any potential pesky bed bugs. 

Check For Plastic 

If you’ve recently bought a mattress, you may have forgotten to remove some of the plastic wrapping that it came in. Ensure you check for this before you do anything major in terms of purchases. 

Final Thoughts 

Mattresses can slide for a number of reasons and these are the most common causes and solutions above. However, if all else fails – you may need to get back into the market for a brand new mattress

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