Why Am I Dreaming So Much All of a Sudden?

Vivid dreams can be a lot to handle. The intensity of the emotions you feel while dreaming can affect you so deeply that you wake up feeling drained and tired. Can dreaming so much be a sign of some sort? Or is it just a symptom of insufficient sleep? Well, excessive dreaming doesn’t necessarily mean … Read more

What Does a Black Cat in a Dream Mean?

black cat near tree in nature

Cats are lovely home buddies. They’re cute, smart, and playful. Their presence often evokes that warm, cozy vibe you’d want to enjoy at home. But what about cat dreams? More specifically, how do you feel about seeing a black cat in a dream? I find black cats elegant, and I don’t mind seeing them while … Read more

Uncover the Hidden Meanings Behind Your Dream About War

dream about war

War dreams can be confusing, terrifying, and distressing, especially when they’re vivid and realistic. Why do we dream about war, and does it mean anything?  Generally, dreams are a reflection of what’s going on in our lives. Research shows that 65% of dream elements are connected to our daily experiences and emotions. Dreaming about war … Read more

How to Interpret Hotels in Dream

People often think about traveling and taking a break from the current life. So in their dreams, they can escape anywhere they want, visit exotic places, do things they like, and stay in luxury hotels.  If you’ve had hotels in a dream lately, it’s most likely a projection of your desire to travel somewhere. Or … Read more