What Is A Dream About Hair Falling Out Trying to Tell You?

What Is A Dream About Hair Falling Out Trying to Tell You?

Hair falling out is a common concern in today’s society. All one has to do is take notice of just how many products that supposedly prevent this phenomenon from happening are promoted on social networks, tv commercials etc. Hence, having a dream about hair falling out isn’t as uncommon as you may think.

However, there’s a deeper meaning to it, and I’m here to help you uncover it. Therefore, let’s jump straight to an examination of your subconscious mind and learn what your secret thoughts truly are. 

The Meaning of Hair From a Cultural Perspective

There’s a belief that hair holds wisdom. For the African tribe, Masai, hair was a symbol of extraordinary power and strength. The longer the hair, the more immune the body is to all dangers around. Therefore, losing or cutting the hair would be a sign of loss of power.

Think of Samson and Dalila’s tale from the Old Testament, where hair symbolizes virility. It doesn’t decompose; hence, in a way, it’s a bond between mortality and immortality.

Today, in all kinds of works of fiction, hair loss is mostly tied to poisoning and toxicity. Just look at horror movies, where demonic possession is usually followed by some type of cutting or pulling the hair.

Nevertheless, hair holds a strong meaning; which is why having a dream about hair falling out may be a sign that something in your life needs to be addressed.

Hair Falling Out Dream: Is It Always Telling You Something?

The meaning and importance of things differ depending on the individual. 

Therefore, when interpreting your hair dreams, it’s important to examine your beliefs. What does hair symbolize to you or your culture? Do you associate the health and length of the hair with a long life? Are you living in fear of hereditary baldness? Is long hair a symbol of beauty and sensuality to you? What would happen if you lost your hair?

Remember, your opinion and experiences shape your inner thoughts and dreams. If you place a high value on your hair in waking life, then dreams of it tend to carry a deeper meaning. But if not, a dream might be an insight or guide to certain suppressed worries. However, in some cases, a dream about hair falling out doesn’t symbolize anything good or bad, it’s just a weird dream.  

Hair Falling Out as a Symbol of Losing Control Over Life

What Is A Dream About Hair Falling Out Trying to Tell You?
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It all comes down to fear and loss. Dreaming about hair falling out can be a sign you’re slowly losing control. Why does this problem occur? Is something happening in your life that you can’t stop, change, or control?

Did you recently go through a breakup and can’t stop thinking about your ex? Perhaps you’ve become a new parent and are worried that you’ve lost your freedom. Maybe you feel overwhelmed by the work tasks you can’t say no to.

On the other hand, you might feel like your self-esteem has taken a hit. Therefore, hair falling out might be the wisdom and strength you think you’re losing.

Try to give yourself the self-care you need. Nobody is truly in control of their lives at all times; therefore, if you have worries regarding the loss of authority or guidance in your life, try to let things happen, just be, and let them pass. Handing over some control to others you love and care for might also be a good idea to consider. 

Remember, it never hurts to ask for help. 

Hair Falling Out as a Symbol of Transformation

What Is A Dream About Hair Falling Out Trying to Tell You?
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As mentioned above, hair is a symbol of wisdom and even spiritual awakening. Dreaming of hair loss might represent a transformation into your new self. You’re shedding old beliefs and ideas, just like the hair you are ’throwing’ away in your dream. You might feel illuminated, as if your mind is being enriched with a new epiphany.

However, the transformation may not be in your favor. As for receiving new ideas, the dream can also mean you’re out of ideas. Therefore, you might find yourself not knowing how to move on. Look at this as a crossroad or a bump you need to solve. 

You shouldn’t be afraid of making decisions because mistakes are there to teach us and help us grow. You must first be vulnerable to be transformed.

Hair Falling Out as a Symbol of Aging

If you don’t have concerns regarding aging and don’t put much significance to hair in general, then dreams of hair falling out might just be a side effect of a bad horror movie. But, if you’re worried about the inevitable aging process, dreams like this may be a sign you’ve ’overloaded’ yourself with this concern. 

This is a call to self-analysis. Why do you fear aging? Is it connected to your physical looks or mental state?

Note that aging is merely a state of mind. Try to enrich the spirit, and the opinion of your body will naturally improve. Perhaps you should start exercising, embracing a well-balanced diet, and getting a good amount of sleep. Think about what you want to change to feel healthy and fresh.

Hair Falling Out as a Symbol of Health Issues

What Is A Dream About Hair Falling Out Trying to Tell You?

If you dream of losing clumps of hair, it may mean you have deep concerns about your overall health. It’s usually not a pleasant dream, but still, it’s not something to be alarmed about. Consider this dream as a wake-up call. 

Ask yourself, do you eat healthily; do you exercise and sleep enough; do you have regular checkups; do you have a history of health issues in your family?

Try to give answers to all of the questions above, and come up with a plan to improve the health of both the body and mind.

However, if you have certain medical issues and often dream of losing clumps of hair, I recommend you seek counseling and, of course, get routine checkups at the doctor. 

Final Thoughts

Although a dream about hair falling out can be scary and unpleasant, it’s not something you should fear. It’s a call to action, and all actions aimed at improving life are good and beneficial. Hence, take control over your life and try to face your fears and anxiety. You have the power, you have the knowledge, therefore, this is your time to shine and feel satisfied.

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