Best Sleep Blogs for 2023: Top 10 Review

Sleep is a basic human need. But while it seems to come easily for most, that’s not  the case for everyone. In my journey to master the art and science of how to get a good night’s sleep, I was able to do a deep dive and review what I think are the best sleep blogs for 2023.  Below are my top 10.
Best Sleep Blogs for 2023: Top 10 Review
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First, let’s start with some basics. Many people find it extremely difficult to get a good night of sleep, which can be due to a wide variety of medical, psychological or physical conditions. 

Whether it’s insomnia from too much anxiety, to chronic snoring from obstructive sleep apnea, or the lack of sleep for parents with a newborn infant, the challenges are very real.

Nonetheless, you don’t have to give up hope. There are a variety options available and your sleeplessness can be dealt with, or even better yet, cured.

What Are the Consequences of Not Getting a Good Night’s Rest?

Besides engaging in regular exercise and eating healthy, good sleep is also recommended as part of a healthy lifestyle. We all know these are the three main pillars to living a long healthy life, but just how important is a good night of sleep?

Lack of sleep affects your overall body functionality, but, above all, it could result in some much more serious long-term problems, such as:

  • Sleeping During the Day: Your body can’t survive for long without sleep and recovery, and this means you have to sleep. There’s no way around it, if you can’t sleep at night, it’ll catch up to you during the day and affect your productivity. We’ve all experienced this and it turns out the mantra, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”, is really bad advice.
  • Decreased Attentiveness and Alertness: Essentially, due to a lack of sleep, your problem-solving, creative, and critical analysis skills aren’t at their optimal levels. This will affect your concentration both at work and even for other activities.
  • Decreased Coordination: Lack of sleep could cause you to lose balance and coordination. When your body is tired, it doesn’t move the way you want it to, and that can be dangerous as it can lead to accidents.
  • Constant Irritability: The lack of sleep affects not just your cognitive reasoning but also your emotions, causing you to be irritable over things that would normally not disturb you. It can put you in a permanently bad mood that makes others want to avoid you.
  • Serious Health Disorders: In the long run, not sleeping well could be quite problematic, leading to other serious health complications such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke.

Whenever you are fighting a bout of sleeplessness, below is a list of my top 10 sleep blogs that can be a resource and point of reference, for anyone looking for answers.

10 Best Sleep Blogs That Can Help You with Sleeplessness

Best Sleep Blogs for 2023: Top 10 Review
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1. Helping Babies Sleep Blog

New parents are some of the greatest sufferers of sleepless nights, as babies tend to wake up at night. Thankfully, this site is prepared to provide all the resources and advice you may require. Therefore, if you’re a tired parent, you’ll undoubtedly find some useful ideas.

I also value the authors’ compassion and comprehension. It indicates that they’ve experienced a similar situation and are aware of the difficulties involved with parenting. Because of this, they can be trusted to share only sleep-training methods and baby sleep products that have undergone proven and extensive testing.

2. Insomnia Land Sleep Blog

Martin Reed claims that he can improve your sleep in two weeks in this sleep blog. Because he formerly experienced the disease, Reed can relate to others who’ve been diagnosed with insomnia. So he decided to take matters into his own hands and became an expert on sleep through research. Since 2009, he has shared his research via his blog.

He promotes better sleep without the use of drugs. Additionally, Reed covers topics like the effect of sleep on teenagers and the benefits of never forcing oneself to sleep.

3. Sleep Scholar

Visit Sleep Scholar for the most recent sleep-related research and medical guidance. This blog, which is edited by sleep specialists, targets other sleep and health professionals. It’s a fantastic resource for finding out more about the potential effects that sleep disorders may have on everything, from health to work.

The blog discusses industry news like conferences and events in addition to scholarly articles. It also draws attention to fresh treatments and knowledge gaps. On this blog, you’ll have the privilege of getting verifiable medical tips from medical practitioners who’ve done in-depth research on sleep.

For someone who can’t sleep and wants to learn more, the Sleep Scholar blog can be a valuable resource.

4. Nightlight by Nanit

The Nightlight is your personal online encyclopedia about your baby’s sleep, and this blog is specifically for parents.

Explore a wealth of useful information, practical hints and advice, research-based explanations of how your baby sleeps, and even some strategies that can improve your own sleep. I’m sure you’ll be happy with the results.

In fact, the Nightlight’s tips work because the blog’s authors acquire their information directly from subject-matter authorities. You may be confident that every technique you use with your child has been examined by experts and shown positive results.

5. Sleep Foundation

Best Sleep Blogs for 2023: Top 10 Review
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The Sleep Foundation blog is quite likely to have the answer to any query you may have. This blog covers a wide range of topics, including methods and accessories that could improve your sleep as well as typical (and uncommon) sleep problems.

You are certain to learn all about sleep, why it can feel so good, how it relates to your daily routines, how your body functions, and how you can alter your sleep patterns. Additionally, there’s a ton of information on physical health, nutrition, exercise, patterned sleep, and much more.

The best thing is that the Sleep Foundation staff includes recognized specialists and medical professionals, so you can trust the knowledge they provide on their site. All blog pieces are also supported by authoritative sources, official documents, peer-reviewed journals, and content from dependable medical groups.

6. Sleep.org Sleep Blog

Age, bedroom, lifestyle, and science are the four main areas into which Sleep.org divides its articles on sleep.

The National Sleep Foundation backs up and recommends this website. You can discover the physiological effects of sleep and get advice on how to get better sleep there.

Additionally, it’ll assist you in ensuring a clean environment and restful sleep. The website also publishes the most recent recommendations on significant subjects like newborn sleep safety.

7. Sleep by Verywell

Everyone who wants to get a better night’s sleep will find something at Verywell. Its topics range from informational pieces regarding problems to practical suggestions for getting a good night’s sleep and waking up properly.

Additionally, it goes into the causes, diagnosis, and effects of the illnesses on your life. And it provides you with advice on how to overcome fatigue.

8. Sleep Education

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine is the brain behind Sleep Education, so you can sleep well with the aid of this blog. The site tackles disruptive issues like night shift work and jet lag in addition to informative pieces. It also describes diagnostic procedures, therapies, and treatments.

For assistance finding a certified facility close to you, you could make use of its sleep center locator. In addition, you could learn more about telemedicine through its webinars.

9. Julie Flygare

Julie Flygare is using her own struggle with narcolepsy as a platform to advocate for those in need. She’s committed to spreading knowledge, providing resources, and assisting the community as a spokesman and author.

To develop a better instructional curriculum for medical students, she even collaborated with Harvard. She has been blogging about her life and experiences since 2009.

She also wrote a book on narcolepsy. Her general understanding of the subject is remarkable; thus, her blog has much to teach you about sleep.

10. Sleep Teachers

The Sleep Teachers blog truly protects families from getting inadequate sleep because this page addresses all life phases; it can aid in improving sleep for both you and your children.

There’s a good chance you’ll discover something useful on the Sleep Teachers site, which offers concise video suggestions and in-depth long-reads. The blog also covers topics other than sleep, so if you ever need to learn more about your child (or yourself), there’s a wealth of information available.

Summary of Best Sleep Blogs for 2023

Best Sleep Blogs for 2023: Top 10 Review
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It seems easy to cut sleep off when chasing those grandiose dreams and trying to make the best of yourself, but sleep is a very important element of a person’s being and shouldn’t be treated like an option.

Therefore, it’s important for those who struggle with lack of sleep or sleeplessness to deal with it on time. The blogs above are useful tools for that, and they’re some of the best sleep blogs out there.




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