Manta Sleep Mask Review: Is It Truly Good as Everybody Says?

Sleep is one of the best relaxation methods out there, as long as you can overcome unfavorable conditions like sunlight or artificial light. While others find it easy to catch some zzz’s in these conditions, I can’t say the same for myself. This is why I decided to invest in a sleep mask

After trying several generic sleep mask options on the market, I decided to go for the Manta Sleep Mask Pro. It’s an upgrade of the Manta Sleep Mask, and I’ve got to admit it’s way better than its predecessor.

If you’re like me and would like to increase your sleep quality, then this article is for you. After enjoying the benefits of the Manta Sleep Mask Pro, a review is definitely in order. Read on to find out why I believe this sleep mask is worth the hype!

manta sleep mask review

Background Info on Manta Sleep

Before I go into details on why Manta Sleep Mask Pro should be in your sleeping arsenal, here’s a little background info on Manta Sleep. This company was founded by Mark Zhang in 2016, and the business’s main objective is to produce a sleep mask collection to help people sleep better.

You can use any of their products anywhere and at any time, whether you want to catch eight hours of sleep at home or simply want to nap in an airplane.

At first glance, all Manta Sleep masks appear bulky and regular-looking. Still, they’re soft, neutrally colored, and smart.

Besides sleep masks, the company also produces snore nose vents, travel pillows, blue-light-blocking glasses, and body pillows.

Top Features of the Manta Sleep Mask Pro

After testing the Manta Sleep Mask Pro, here are some of the top features I could pick out.

Provides Complete Blackout

Compared to other sleep masks I’ve tried, the Manta Sleep Mask Pro provided the best blackout experience, eliminating light leaks to ensure that my mind knows it’s time to sleep. With zero light distractions, I was able to fall asleep faster.

Great for Side Sleepers

I’m a side sleeper, so it was important for me to get a sleep mask that caters to side sleepers. While other models I tried were comfortable enough for me to sleep in that position, it was obvious that they weren’t particularly designed to offer that functionality.

The Manta Sleep Pro was specially designed for side sleepers, and you can see that in the C-shaped eyecups that get rid of the height and added pressure of other models when you sleep on your side.

Overall, you’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a pillow even when there isn’t one.

Highly Comfortable

This model is less bulky than previous models in the Manta Sleep mask collection. The Pro model has been designed with advanced materials and fabrics that offer a thinner build while still maintaining a high comfort level. This makes it more comfortable than other products you’ll find on the market.

Premium Adjustable Features

This Manta Sleep Mask Pro has detachable eye cups which you can position and adjust as you wish, no matter your head shape or profile. Its angled straps don’t sit on your ears but above them. So whatever position you’re in, there will be no contact between the mask and your ears. 

And thanks to its anti-slip gel feature, the mask will stay put for as long as you have it on.

Highly Breathable

Most sleep masks are thicker, including previous Manta Sleep mask models. As a result, you may feel a little warm while you have the mask on. This Pro mask is an upgrade in this regard, featuring advanced perforated soft mesh materials that promote better airflow and ventilation.

On top of that, the perforated materials and ventilation holes allow air to pass through the sleep mask seamlessly. This optimizes skin temperature and leaves you feeling cool throughout the night.

Top Cooling Functionality

Much more than being a well-ventilated mask, the Manta Sleep Pro’s interior is made of a unique advanced fabric called Tactel. This material is softer and more durable than most fabrics out there. And, of course, it has a higher cooling functionality than most sleep masks designed with a regular cooling foam layer.

Any Issues With the Manta Sleep Mask Pro?

manta sleep mask review

The first issue I had with the Manta Sleep Mask Pro is that it’s quite expensive—at $89. This made me pause for a moment because I wasn’t sure if it was prudent to make that kind of financial commitment for a sleep mask.

However, after trying out the product and having one of the best sleep in a long time, I realize that it’s worth the investment.

So, if you’re worried about the price, you should rest assured that you’ll be getting your money’s worth.

Also, I noticed that this mask left sleep wrinkles when I lay down on my stomach. This means you might enjoy it more if you’re a side or back sleeper.

Conclusion: Is Manta Sleep Mask Pro Worth It?

manta sleep mask review

After comparing the Manta Sleep Mask Pro with other sleep masks, I can guarantee that this is one mask you don’t want to miss out on. 

It’s even more important to note that this model has some features you can’t find in previous models in the Manta Sleep mask collection. This means that this company is working hard to correct some of the mistakes it made with past products, which is a step in the right direction.

So, if you’re big on quality sleep anywhere, whether at home, on a journey, or taking a random nap, you might want to consider getting this sleep mask.

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