Do Blue Light Glasses Really Work For Sleep? (Yes! Here’s Why)

If you spend most of your time (and that is including your evening) using a screen, you may want to consider wearing blue light glasses. Whilst you might use a laptop in the day for work or school, there is also your cell phone to think about.

Do Blue Light Glasses Really Work For Sleep? (Yes! Here's Why)

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Whilst you are scrolling through TikTok and Instagram, and perhaps in the evening using your iPad to stream the latest Netflix show, your eyes are going to be super thankful that you decide to wear those blue light glasses, no matter how hideous they might seem.

So, why should you be wearing glasses with a blue tint? That’s because not only can your eyes become strained, the light-emitting diode (or LED for short) that shines from the screen as blue light will keep you awake.

Think of it just like the sun, which LED is related to by the way, if you get too much of it, it has negative effects – especially before we hit the hay.

So, hello blue light glasses! 

The lenses in them have been specially created to block this blue light that will keep you awake. Whilst it does keep out this harsh blue light, it lets everything else through meaning it will not ruin what you see.

So, with this in mind, let’s take a look at blue light glasses in more detail. 

How Does Light Affect Sleep?

During the 24 hours cycle of our body, the circadian rhythm is doing its job. It is basically our internal workings doing what they are supposed to and when which relate to our behavior, physical and mental health.

It is important that we get enough sleep to let it do its job properly, meaning that the light can disrupt the rhythm. That’s because there are cells within our eyes which detect both lightness and darkness. 


Once our eyes see darkness, it sends a message to the brain via the suprachiasmatic nucleus (also known as SCN for short). This part of the brain, also called the hypothalamus, has around 20,000 cells based around nerves. 

The brain then sends a message to the pineal gland which then goes on to produce melatonin, a hormone that makes a person feel sleepy. 


Once we wake up and it is light, our eyes detect the fact that it is no longer dark. The SCN will send a message to the pineal gland to make sure it starts to slow down its production of the sleepy hormone melatonin. 

This means we can wake up, as our body knows it is time to be active and not sleep. 

So, What Even is This Blue Light and How Does it Affect Sleep?

When we think of blue light, we automatically think of electronic devices, but the sun is actually the biggest offender. The more you actually think about this, the clearer it becomes. 

Blue light keeps you awake, and the sun wakes you up – simple.

Because the sun is the biggest form of blue light, this is the reason that a person feels more awake in daylight hours compared to at night when low light can make you sleepy. It is a bit like stepping out of a low lit bar in the evening and feeling very sleepy – it isn’t just the alcohol.

As the sun sets, the light begins to fade and our bodies react to the signal that it is nearing the time for sleep. However, due to advances in technology, our brains are becoming confused and we are letting our brains and body think it is time to be awake still.

If you are struggling to sleep, not using blue lit electronics is a sure fire way to help you catch some Zs. However, blue light glasses may help too!

Can Blue Light Glasses Protect You From Other Things Too?

Whilst you might blame blue light for your eye problem, it is likely that blue light actually isn’t the issue. Most of the time it is because of looking at a digital device. This is because it can cause eye strain.

Do Blue Light Glasses Really Work For Sleep? (Yes! Here's Why)

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Some of the symptoms include having a headache, having blurred vision, eyes feeling like they are burning, eyes becoming either dry or really watery, and even feeling like your eyes have become sensitive towards bright light.

 It is commonly referred to as Computer Vision Syndrome, or CVS for short. It can come on due to your eyes rapidly moving around the screen, as well as the bright lights on the screen which can provide too much of a contrast, as well as glare.

Whilst you might find that a screen hurts your eyes, it is likely nothing to do with blue light. Instead, blue light is likely to disrupt your sleep.

However, this doesn’t mean it is less important, sleep helps your body to function properly.

Are There Other Ways You Can Protect Your Eyes?

Blue light blocking glasses are worth a try, but whilst you wait, there are other options to try to help and keep the blue light at bay:

  • You can turn on a yellow light on your cell phone or laptop to stop blue rays from keeping you awake. Decreasing the level of brightness can also help.
  • Remember to blink! Doing so will keep eyes moist. Staring at a screen all day can make them super dry and uncomfortable.

Why Should You Wear Blue Light Glasses?

If you are constantly exposed to blue light, there is a chance you can damage your eyes. Whilst more evidence is needed, it doesn’t hurt to want to protect your eyesight – or at least want to get better sleep.

The biggest issue, rather than eye damage, is the fact it disrupts your sleep cycle. So, blue light glasses could be just what you need due to their blue light blocking ability.

For a variety of designs, this 5 pack of blue light blocking glasses is perfect for those who want to mix up their style, but also would like a classic glasses shape. 

However, if you already wear glasses and don’t want to wear any others, then you can also clip on some blue blocking lenses to make sure you aren’t ruining your sleeping pattern.

Final Thoughts On Blue Light Glasses

Blue light glasses are a must if you want to help your sleep pattern function properly. Whilst they cannot protect you from something like eye strain which is caused by a digital screen, they can help you to feel refreshed and awake which will support productivity.

They do this by blocking out blue light which acts the same as the sun. This fools your brain into thinking that it is daylight. 

So, by wearing blue light blocking glasses, it might even mean you will drink less coffee – so, win-win!

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