How to Sleep in Hospital Chair: 14 Tips for a Better Sleep!

Hospitals are never a fun place to visit, but if you ever have to stay for a considerable period of time and wondered how to sleep in a hospital chair, this article is for you.

If you are stuck in this unfortunate position, then you have to make use of what you have. There’s no denying that those dreadful waiting chairs are a recipe for deep vein thrombosis!

In this post, we’ll show you how to sleep in hospital chairs to hopefully make them a more comfortable option.

Steps to Follow for How to Sleep in a Hospital Chair

Before getting into the tips you can use to fall asleep faster, let’s discuss a few general steps before sleeping in a hospital chair:

How to Sleep in Hospital Chair: 14 Tips for a Better Sleep!

Step 1: Make Sure That You’re Allowed to Sleep There

To avoid being rude or having your sleep interrupted by a nurse or a receptionist, make sure that it’s allowed for you to fall asleep on one of the chairs.

Keep in mind that you won’t need to do that if you’re a family member accompanying someone in a room.

Step 2: Inform the Receptionist That You’ll Fall Asleep

Assuming you’re sleeping on the waiting room chairs, go ahead and inform the receptionist that you’ll fall asleep there. Some staff are polite enough to avoid making too much noise if someone is attempting to sleep.

They may even go the extra mile to dim some lights or calm down whoever makes too much noise.

Step 3: Make Yourself Comfortable Without Disturbing Others

You won’t be able to sleep unless you’re comfortable, but that doesn’t mean tossing your limbs around you and occupying too much space is acceptable.

Not only can some people consider that rude, but someone might even wake you up and blame you for it. It’s the last thing you’d want after finally managing to fall asleep on that uncomfortable chair.

Step 4: Utilize Your Bags/Belongings to Help Your Body Relax

If you have a large bag or a suitcase, consider placing it under your legs. You’ll be surprised how quickly your body can shut down if your legs are stretched and relaxed.

Tips to Help You Sleep in a Hospital Chair

Now that you have a general idea of what to do, here are some tips that could help you fall asleep quicker:

1. Choose the Right Chair

Selecting an appropriate chair is the cornerstone of getting restful sleep during your hospital stay. Look for options like sleeper chairs, which are specifically designed for comfort in medical settings.

You may also look for chairs that allow you to adjust the recline angle to find a comfortable position that suits you.

Selecting a chair may not always be possible, as many hospitals utilize the same chair type. But if you can, go for it.

How to Sleep in Hospital Chair: 14 Tips for a Better Sleep!

2. Wear Something Comfortable

When aiming for a restful sleep in a hospital chair, your choice of clothing plays a crucial role. Aim for loose-fitting and comfortable attire, as this can significantly impact your ability to relax.

Avoid tight clothing that might restrict blood circulation or cause discomfort during extended periods of sitting.

By wearing comfortable clothing, you’ll promote better blood circulation and minimize discomfort. Prioritize breathable fabrics that help regulate body temperature, contributing to a more pleasant sleeping experience in the hospital environment.

3. Make Sure That You Don’t Need the Bathroom

Before settling into your hospital chair for sleep, it’s essential to ensure that you don’t need to visit the bathroom.

Taking care of bathroom needs beforehand prevents disruptions to your sleep and allows you to stay comfortable throughout the night.

Limited space and the potential for medical devices can make nighttime trips to the restroom more challenging.

4. Use Eye Masks

When you’re in a hospital environment, it’s not always easy to control the lighting conditions. That’s where an eye mask can become your sleep superhero.

These nifty accessories block out unwanted light, creating a cozy sleep nook right in your hospital chair. By wearing an eye mask, you’re not only enhancing your comfort but also signaling to your body that it’s time for some quality rest.

It’s a simple and effective way to create your little sleep oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of the medical setting.

5. Use Pillows and Travel Pillows

Pillows are your best friends when it comes to catching Z’s in a hospital chair. Grab an extra pillow or two from your bed if possible, and position them strategically to support your neck.

Don’t forget the travel pillow! These neck pillows are designed to adapt to your body, making them ideal for getting cozy in unconventional sleeping spaces. With your pillows in place, you’re well on your way to getting that much-needed comfortable sleep in the hospital chair.

6. Utilize the Wall if Possible

If you find yourself in a hospital chair situated near a wall, consider it a sleep-enhancing bonus. Leaning gently against the wall can provide extra stability and support while you catch some shut-eye.

It’s like having a built-in comfort feature! Make sure to adjust your position to find that sweet spot where you’re both relaxed and well-supported.

By utilizing the wall, you’re maximizing your chances of settling into a comfortable sleep, even in the confines of a hospital room.

7. Stay Away From Caffeine and Alcohol

As tempting as that cup of coffee or glass of wine might be, it’s best to steer clear if you’re eyeing a peaceful snooze in a hospital chair.

Caffeine and alcohol can mess with your body’s sleep rhythms, making it harder to drift off and stay asleep.

Opt for a warm drink like herbal tea or warm milk instead – they can have a soothing effect and won’t interfere with your quest for hospital-chair slumber. Your body will thank you for choosing the sleep-friendly sips!

8. Avoid Sitting in Noisy Places if Possible

When you’re settling in for a restful nap in a hospital chair, peace and quiet can be your best allies. If you have the option, try to choose a spot away from bustling hallways or noisy areas.

Noise can disrupt your sleep and make it challenging to drift off into dreamland. By finding a quieter corner, you’re giving yourself a better chance to enjoy a comfortable sleep and wake up feeling refreshed, even amidst the hospital’s activity.

9. Try Deep Breathing and Relaxing

Creating a calm and serene mental space can work wonders when you’re trying to get some rest in a hospital chair. Deep breathing exercises are your ticket to relaxation.

Inhale slowly through your nose, feeling your lungs expand, and then exhale gently through your mouth. Focus on the rhythm of your breath, allowing tension to melt away.

Combine this with some mental imagery of a tranquil place, and you’ve got a recipe for a peaceful nap in even the most unlikely of spots.

How to Sleep in Hospital Chair: 14 Tips for a Better Sleep!

10. Ask for Extra Pillows and Blankets

Don’t be shy about requesting some extra comfort from the hospital staff. They’re there to ensure your well-being, after all.

Ask for additional pillows and blankets to create a cozy nest in your chair. Having that extra padding can make a world of difference in terms of comfort.

Plus, wrapping yourself in a soft blanket can add a touch of homey warmth to your hospital sleep setup.

11. Adjust the Chair to the Most Comfortable Position

Take advantage of the adjustable features of your hospital chair to find that Goldilocks spot – not too upright and not too reclined.

Experiment with different positions until you discover the one that supports your body and minimizes discomfort. Remember, comfort is key when it comes to catching quality sleep in a chair.

12. Dim the Room Lights

When you’re sharing a hospital room with a family member or friend, simply dimming the lights can improve your sleep experience.

Lowering the light level creates a cozier atmosphere that benefits both of you. Have a quick chat with your room companion and find a lighting level that suits your relaxation needs.

By adjusting the room lights together, you’re helping create a more tranquil setting that supports your well-being during your stay.

13. Drink Enough Water

Having a water bottle within reach can enhance your sleep quality when you’re sharing a hospital room with someone else.

While it’s advisable to moderate fluid intake before bedtime to minimize disruptions, having a drink on hand can promote comfort.

Adequate hydration is crucial for your overall well-being, even as you rest in a hospital chair next to your room companion. Stay refreshed and enjoy better sleep by ensuring you have water available when needed.

14. Don’t Eat Too Much

While it’s important to stay nourished, going easy on heavy meals before sleep can make a significant difference. Consuming large quantities of food close to bedtime might lead to discomfort and even impact your sleep quality.

Opt for lighter snacks if you’re feeling peckish, and try to finish eating at least a couple of hours before settling into your hospital chair for rest. By finding the right balance, you’re giving yourself a better shot at a restful and comfortable sleep.

How to Sleep in Hospital Chair: Final Diagnosis

There you have it, 14 tips to make those hospital beds a little easier to bear. Do your best to get comfortable by utilizing pillows, walls, and adjustable chairs. Follow that by soothing your body with a warm drink and a few pillows, and you’ll get that much-needed rest.

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