What to Wear to Bed After Self Tanning: Your Guide to Post-Tanning Care

Whether you’re a newbie excited about your first spray tanning session or a seasoned sunless tanner, there’s something undeniably appealing about stepping out with a fresh spray tan! But my oh my, what to wear to bed after self tanning, that is the question.

As anyone who has ever applied self tanner, as dreamy as your tanned skin looks, the journey isn’t over yet. One crucial step remains—ensuring your tan doesn’t betray you at bedtime.

After all, the last thing you’d want is to wake up to your pretty clothes stained with tanning solution , find our you ruined your sheets, or worse, a patchy tan.

So, we’re here to answer one of the most common questions in the tanning world: What to wear to bed after self tanning?

We’ll also give you the best tips on what to do to preserve that beautiful tan and what you avoid. Let’s begin!

What To Wear For Bed After Self Tanning

Post-tanning, there’s a balance to strike. You’re showing off that sun-kissed look while ensuring its longevity.

However, certain clothing types can play the role of villains in this story, compromising that freshly achieved bronzed glow. That’s what you need to consider the following to protect your tan:

What to Wear to Bed After Self Tanning: Your Guide to Post-Tanning Care

Dark vs. Light Clothing

Wearing light-colored clothing after a fresh tanning session can lead to noticeable streaks. While they might seem like simple clothing stains, they’re essentially your tan being transferred and disrupted.

On the other hand, darker attire, mainly black or deep shades, camouflages any potential transfer.

If some tanning solution does rub off, it’s far less noticeable on dark clothes. So, while that white tee might be calling your name, it’s best to leave it in the drawer for now and opt for dark colors to ensure your clothes look good.

Loose Clothes vs.Tight Ones

There’s a time and place for those tight-fitting clothes, and post-tanning isn’t one of them! Tight attire, from sports bras to snug shorts, creates friction against your freshly tanned skin.

This not only feels uncomfortable sometimes but can lead to patches or streaks where the tanning product has been moved or wiped away.

On the flip side, embracing loose clothing options allows your skin the space to breathe. Loose-fitting cotton clothing, in particular, ensures that the tanning solution isn’t disturbed, granting it the necessary time to set and develop evenly.

Think of it as the perfect excuse to slip into those cozy, oversized pajama pants or a baggy-sleeve shirt!

Natural Fibers vs. Synthetics

Synthetic fabrics might offer some trendy outfit ideas, but they aren’t the best choice for a post-tan outfit.

They tend to trap heat, causing excessive sweating, which can streak or fade your tan. In contrast, natural fibers, especially cotton, come to the rescue.

Cotton is known for its breathability and gentle touch. It’s kind on your skin and absorbs any excess product or sweat, ensuring your tan remains even and radiant.

After Tanning Night-Time Care

That sun-kissed glow post-tanning session isn’t just about the tanning solution and the bronzed skin it promises.

It’s equally about the care that follows, especially at night, a critical period for the tan’s development! So, let’s take a quick look at what you can do:

1. Moisturize to Seal in the Glow

Ensuring your tan remains radiant means maintaining skin hydration. Post-tanning, your skin has undergone a transformative process, and it’s thirsty for moisture.

Using a lightweight, non-greasy moisturizer not only locks in the tan but also helps avoid patchiness.

Also, while it’s easy to reach for that cute outfit or tight clothing post-tan, remember: your skin is still taking everything in.

As such, dress in loose clothing, let the skin breathe, and allow the moisturizer to work its magic! A well-moisturized skin ensures an even, longer-lasting tan that fades uniformly over time.

2. Follow The No-Exfoliation Rule

Tanning involves the upper layers of your skin. Hence, any kind of exfoliation, even if it’s mild, can be a direct ticket to losing that tan faster than you’d like.

We all know that dead skin cells will naturally shed, but using exfoliators speeds up this process. So, to strike a balance, switch to ultra-gentle cleansers for the next few days after your tanning sessions.

3. Avoid Water Contact

Water can be a fresh tan’s nemesis. Not just pools or hot tubs, but even minor splashes can lead to dreaded streaks or spots on your bronzed skin.

After tanning yourself, it’s a wise move to minimize activities that can lead to skin contact with water. This includes chores like washing dishes or even lengthy hand-washing sessions.

It might seem minor, but every drop counts in those initial hours. If you must shower, ensure it’s after at least eight hours, and it’s a quick, lukewarm one without vigorous scrubbing.

4. Don’t Forget Cotton Sheets

What to Wear to Bed After Self Tanning: Your Guide to Post-Tanning Care

Ever wondered why, post-tanning, your salon might advise against certain fabrics? The reason lies in the absorption and breathability of materials.

Cotton sheets, with their natural fibers, allow your skin to breathe and reduce the risk of sweating, which can affect the quality of your tan.

Moreover, being less abrasive than some synthetic materials, cotton ensures minimal friction against your newly tanned skin. This significantly reduces the chances of your tan transferring onto your sheets.

So, before you slip into dreamland after your tanning session, rest on cotton sheets to keep your bronzed glow intact.

5. Keep Everything Cool And Chilly

We’ve all been there—sweating in our sleep on a particularly warm night. However, post-tan, this seemingly insignificant detail can be a real spoiler.

Moisture from sweating can break down the tanning solution faster, leading to a patchy or streaky look. Thus, keeping your room temperature cooler ensures your skin stays dry, and the tan remains undisturbed.

Self Tanning: The Morning After Care

The two biggest challenges of tanning are the process and how you’ll sleep it off. However, it’s not exactly a straightforward road after that; you still have to take care of your tan the following morning—and the ones after!

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Gentle Cleansing is Key

Your first shower post-tanning should be approached with caution. The aim is to rinse off the excess product without stripping away the fresh tan.

Opt for a mild, sulfate-free cleanser that promises to cleanse without over-drying. While the temptation to step into a hot, steamy shower might be strong, lukewarm water is your tan’s best friend. Avoid scrubbing, and let the water do its job.

2. No Rush for Tight Clothing

Even though it’s the next day, your tan continues its development journey. Tight clothing can still lead to unsightly streaks or patches on your tanned skin.

Instead, choose comfortable, loose-fitting clothing for the day, preferably in a dark color.

3.  Hydration, Inside and Out

By now, you recognize the significance of moisturized skin in the world of tanning. Continue with your non-greasy moisturizing routine to lock in that bronzed look.

Remember, hydration isn’t just skin deep. Drinking ample water aids in keeping the skin supple, which, in turn, can enhance the life and look of your tan.

What to Wear to Bed After Self Tanning: Your Guide to Post-Tanning Care

4. Beware of Excessive Sweating

The gym session or the long sunny walk might seem enticing, but excessive sweating can harm your fresh tan. Sweat can act as a natural exfoliant, leading to streaky results.

If you can, give high-intensity activities a miss for the following two or three days. And if you must head out, loose clothing is your savior for the night. It’ll reduce the amount of friction and your tan rubbing off.

5. SPF is Still Crucial

A common misconception is that tanned skin doesn’t need sun protection. Whether it’s through a sunless tanner or a natural tan, sun protection remains vital.

Before you step out, generously apply sunscreen to protect both your skin and the tan from the sun’s UV rays.

6. The Hands-Off Rule

Every touch or scratch, especially immediately after a tanning session, risks disturbing the tanning solution.

Our hands, inadvertently, can become our tan’s biggest enemy if we’re not cautious. Make a conscious effort to keep them away and avoid skin-to-skin contact, allowing the tan to set undisturbed.

Frequently Asked Question

Now that you know the golden rules of after-tanning care, it’s time to look at some of the most common questions!

How long should I wait before wearing normal clothes after tanning?

After a spray tanning appointment, it’s best to wait at least two to three days before going back to your regular closet.

You’ll have to wear only cotton-made or natural fibers clothes, which also must be baggy so they don’t rub the tan off.

Can sweating affect my tan even if I’ve worn the proper clothing?

Yes, excessive sweating can impact the longevity and evenness of your bronzed skin. Too much sweat and moisture can disrupt the tanning solution even with the right clothing, leading to streaks or patches.

Your only solution here would be to turn on the AC and keep the room you’re in chilly.

What fabrics are best for sleepwear after tanning?

The most recommended fabrics for sleepwear are:

  • CottonNaturally breathable and gentle on tanned skin.
  • Bamboo: Soft, moisture-wicking, and eco-friendly.
  • ModalDerived from beech trees, it’s silky and breathable.

Choosing these fabrics, especially in loose-fitting clothing styles, will help preserve your tan and ensure maximum comfort.

What to Wear to Bed After Self Tanning: Quick Recap

So, are you still wondering what to wear to bed after self tanning? Well, the answer is much less complicated than you’d think!

All you have to do is embrace breathable fabrics like cotton, bamboo, and modal. These not only keep your skin comfortable but also protect your fresh tan.

Loose, dark clothing is the go-to option, minimizing the risk of smudging or streaking and hiding potential stains. Conversely, tight garments like tight shorts or tank tops are pitfalls to avoid.

Armed with these recommendations, you can ensure your tan stays impeccable, your sleep undisturbed, and your confidence boosted!

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