NuCalm Review: How It Works And Is It Worth It?

Let’s face it, sometimes coffee just isn’t strong enough to do the trick. For that reason, I’m diving in to review the NuCalm technology for you, which it turns out can be a total game-changer if you are anything like me.

From diagnosed anxiety to low levels of energy caused by everyday stress, we fight a host of unseen forces every day, and they can certainly take a toll on our quality of life.  I’ve long experienced sleep issues, witnessed my productivity levels and focus decline, and I’ve struggled with overall mental sluggishness as a result.

For all of these reasons and more, I was keen to test and find out what this product really was about, and would if it actually works. Please enjoy my Nucalm review:

What Is NuCalm?

NuCalm Review: How It Works And Is It Worth It?

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This technology came to market as an FDA regulated Class III medical device and was initially marketed to doctors across the globe, to relieve stress and anxiety for their patients, and promote better sleep quality without the use of drugs.

Since inception, NuCalm has been used in over 2,000,000 surgical procedures as a replacement for general anesthesia.  That’s an incredible statistic, so let’s explore the how and why, to see just how effective is!

Who Created NuCalm?

Created by Dr. Blake Holloway, the official website claims that Nucalm is “the world’s only patented neuroscience technology clinically proven to resolve stress and improve sleep quality — without drugs.”  You can search the U.S. Patents website to see the company’s patents, issued in July 2015 and August 2021.

NuCalm used to be an FDA cleared Class III medical device that Dr. Blake Holloway designed to relieve stress and anxiety and help patients with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

The technology was launched in 2009 and awarded a patent for “systems and methods for balancing and maintaining the health of the human autonomic nervous system.”

How Does NuCalm Work?

NuCalm Review: How It Works And Is It Worth It?

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Let’s talk about beta and alpha brain waves to understand the science behind them. Beta brain waves have a stimulating effect and allow you to focus on everyday tasks. The only problem is a large amount of them causes stress, anxiety, and fear. Alpha waves are slow brain waves associated with relaxation and the first stage of sleep.

NuCalm gently guides your brain waves from beta or high beta ranges to alpha and theta ranges (between 124 and 412 Hz), urging your mind and body to enter a state of deep relaxation and cellular recovery. Still, how does NuCalm do that? Because the brain can’t receive sounds under 20 Hz, Dr. Holloway used what’s known as binaural signal processing, in addition to isochronic wave forms, a pitch and frequency matrix, and non-linear oscillating algorithms. This solution took Dr. Holloway over 19 years to invent.

Relying on the compensatory nature of the human brain, he used a high-frequency tone in each ear. The dissonance of the brain receiving different frequencies in each ear resulted in the brain processing the signals by subtracting the difference between the frequencies.

For instance, he’d deliver a 250 Hz tone to the right ear and 255 Hz to the left ear, resulting in a 5 Hz beat frequency being presented to the brain, thus pacing the brain at 5 Hz.

He’d also use repeated presentations of these frequency patterns in a non-linear algorithm that constantly tricks the reticular activating system (RES) of the brain. The RES is designed to figure out all patterns that come to the brain from all of your senses, and once the patterns are figured out, the RES finds shortcuts. This is why simply binaural beats lose their effectiveness after a couple of times listening to them. The frequency following response of the algorithms pace brain wave function down to deep theta, which is the healing zone of the human body and oscillates just above deep sleep.

Review: How to Use NuCalm

NuCalm Review: How It Works And Is It Worth It?

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You can follow these simple steps to use the NuCalm:

  1. Apply the NuCalm Biosignal Processing

For clinical strength, you can apply the NuCalm biosignal processing disc for Rescue, PowerNap, and FlowState.  Put the NuCalm biosignal processing disc on the inner side of your left wrist (Pericardium acupressure point). Using frequencies and biomodulation, it will release gamma-aminobutyric acid and send signals to the brain to relax, by restricting the secretion of cortisol and adrenaline. The discs make the experience faster acting, deeper, and longer lasting.

  1. Get the NuCalm App

When you use the NuCalm app, its patented neuro acoustic software delivers specific frequencies to slow your brain function level for recovery promotion. Rescue is the strongest recovery; PowerNap uses the same physics platform as Rescue but does it in a faster time frame for people who only have 20 minutes to take care of themselves; and FlowState oscillates brain waves at the Schumann Resonance of the Earth’s magnetic rotation (7.83 Hz), which facilitates creativity and access to your subconscious.

  1. Get Ready for Your Session

Connect your quality headphones to your phone, then cover your eyes with an eye mask and sit back, or lie down and get ready to chill.

Start the NuCalm journey from the app (20- to 120-minute increments), listen to the cinematic tunes, and you’ll be relaxed almost instantly.

When it comes to NuCalm channels, your options are as follows:

  • A Rescue Session: This journey offers you in-depth recovery and restoration, lowers inflammation, and increases resiliency.
  • A FlowState Journey: Use this if you want a powerful reset, access to your creative energy, and balance.
  • A Recharge PowerNap Journey: The name says it all… this is an impactful power nap without actually napping. And when you are done, you will feel calm, yet energized, and not sleepy or lethargic, like you do when you do actually nap.
  • An Ignite Journey: This is pure action. You will feel intensely energized, physically, emotionally, and mentally. Professional athletes and elite military operators have been using this to achieve peak performance since 2017.
  • A DeepSleep Journey: This is probably the closest thing to magic that NuCalm offers. Simply listen to this with a speaker in your bedroom at bedtime and your onset of sleep, your ability to fall back asleep when awakened, and your sleep efficiency will all be improved.

Why Use NuCalm

NuCalm Review: How It Works And Is It Worth It?

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Let’s explore the pros and cons for making the decision to invest in NuCalm.  Here are the pros of making NuCalm an important habit in your life:

NuCalm Review: Science Backing

I love how NuCalm is backed by science. It isn’t an obscure wellness guru project with which you must take your chances. Instead, it’s the product of research and clinical studies in physics, biochemistry, and neurophysiology.

Better Sleep: The NuCalm Way

Do you find it hard to fall asleep without your partner?  Do you need the TV on? Are you getting too much blue light from electronics before bed? Or, do you keep waking up in the middle of the night after having really vivid dreams? Good news, there’s an app for that! NuCalm halts your adrenaline reaction, allowing you to get a good night’s sleep. That means you’ll fall asleep faster, sleep longer hours, and enjoy better sleep quality!

Stress Relief: NuCalm To The Rescue?

If you’re constantly stressed by school, your job, keeping your children on schedule, or anything else, NuCalm can help manage your stress, without the use of prescription drugs or alcohol.  To put it simply, NuCalm is the healthiest option I’ve found, and it actually works! I’m skeptical by nature but let’s face it, when you have more energy you are always in a better mood.

NuCalm Helps with Enhanced Recovery

Do you struggle to transition from a stressed to a relaxed mood? 

This is where NuCalm comes in. By giving your autonomic nervous system balance, it facilitates optimal mood recovery and muscle recovery in the required theta brain wave frequencies. This is especially helpful for people who’ve had types injuries, operations, PTSD or even diseases.

Ease of Use

Upon further review, NuCalm is a huge leap forward from using microcurrent sleep aids. It is easy to use with a smartphone app, a quality pair of headphones, and an eye mask for Rescue, PowerNap, and FlowState. If you want to experience clinical strength, you can add the NuCalm biosignal processing discs, which you simply apply to your inner left wrist.

NuCalm is also portable, so you can use it regardless of the time and place; from an airplane seat to a hotel lobby, to the back seat of a car while traveling, to the peaceful comfort of your own bed.  Anywhere that allows you to safely close your eyes while using a face mask, can enable you to rebalance and recharge like never before.

NuCalm: Is It Safe?

NuCalm Review: How It Works And Is It Worth It?

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First, NuCalm is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

If you’re hesitant about trying out this technology program or sticking a foreign disc on your body, let me assure you that NuCalm is safe. It has been used by cancer patients since 2014; used by the U.S. military since 2013; used by 56 professional sports teams since 2011; used in over 2,000,000 surgical procedures replacing general anesthesia, and there have been zero reported adverse events.

You can trust that it’s safe for every human on Earth. And many of you who have pets at home, you will be excited to see your pets relaxing while you are NuCalming. You see, dogs, cats, and horses can hear things humans can’t, so they can pick up on the frequencies of NuCalm without using headphones.

Concerns About NuCalm

The main downside of NuCalm used to be its price. When NuCalm launched to the medical community in 2009, it was $5,995. In October 2020, the company successfully transitioned from an FDA Class III medical device to a consumer subscription through a mobile app. The lowest entry price was $49.99 per month. But on March 1, 2023, the company made NuCalm even easier to use, provided greater consumer choice, and further lowered the entry price to $14.99 per month!

The way I see it, what do you have to lose? If you are struggling with any of the issues I mentioned earlier and you want to try NuCalm, now you can for as low as $0.50 per day, with no obligation.  Everything is a month-to-month subscription, which makes it essentially risk free.

NuCalm Review: The Wrap Up

If you are easily or consistently stressed out, anxious, or have sleep issues, I feel completely comfortable in saying NuCalm is a solid investment in your mental and physical health. This isn’t medical advice and if you have more serious, clinically diagnosed issues, you should always see a doctor.  Aside from that, there aren’t any downsides to this technology, only opportunities to improve your sleep quality and energy levels.

This patented, clinically proven technology slows down your beta or high beta brain wave frequencies to alpha and theta ranges, putting your brain in a state of deep relaxation and restoration. With NuCalm, you’ll be able to sleep, rest, work, and think better!

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