Can You Sleep With A Mask On?

We all want to get the best possible sleep, and some of us try to do things that can help us get there. One common thing that people do is wear a mask before they go to sleep.

A mask refers to a facial or face mask that contains nutrient dense ingredients that promote skin health and can help with conditions such as acne. 

Can You Sleep With A Mask On?

While these masks are very common to see at spas, you can actually sleep with a mask on – providing that they are designed for use during sleep.

These are known as sleeping packs and are generally okay to use when sleeping. However, there are some masks that might not be great for sleeping.

To clear up this confusion, we’ve written this handy guide which aims to answer all of your most burning questions.

So, if you’re considering wearing a mask to sleep with – read on and learn more. 

Potential Benefits Of Sleeping Packs 

Sleeping packs, or sleep masks, have a whole host of potential benefits to them. Below we explain some of the most well known benefits they may promote. 


Some people that have worn face masks overnight have reported that they feel extremely relaxed before, during and after their sleep. 

As a result, many people who have trouble relaxing enough before they are able to sleep might benefit from using sleeping packs. 


Due to the inclusion of vital nutrients and other things such as hyaluronic acid, your skin becomes targeted for skin conditions and other problems. One of the ways it can help your skin is through hydration.

Hydrating your skin can not only help with breakouts and other skin problems, but it can help reduce the overall appearance of tiredness through things like bags under the eyes and wrinkles. 

In addition to this, overnight masks have a sealant which can help to trap in moisture with soothing minerals and vitamins. This sealant can also help to keep out other dirt and debris which can exacerbate skin problems.

Psychological Connection 

Some people benefit from the routine of putting an overnight face mask on in terms of their sleep cycle. It can help psychologically associate a face mask with sleeping, which can help a person fall asleep naturally. 

This can also help with sticking with a routine and generally relaxing overall. 

Is It Bad To Sleep With A Face Mask Overnight?

Can You Sleep With A Mask On?

If a face mask has been specifically designed to be used overnight, then you should be fine. However, not all facial masks are meant to be used overnight and as a result, you could end up making skin conditions worse.

This can be because the clay or activated charcoal can dry up and reduce facial moisture or even clog up your pores. 

Not to mention, you could get all of the ingredients onto your pillow and lead to a dirty, grimey sleep – which can affect how you wake up. If you wake up feeling this way, you may start to struggle with sleep in general if it continues. 

Additionally, some face masks contain alcohol. While alcohol can be useful for some people to use on their skin for a while, it is not a good idea to keep alcohol exposed onto your skin overnight.

Alcohol can cause the skin to dry out, and may lead to further fatigue in the morning when you wake up. 

Points To Consider When Wearing An Overnight Face Mask 

If you are considering wearing a face mask overnight, consider the following points to ensure you get the best possible results.

Buy The Right Mask 

Of course, you will primarily ensure that you have purchased a face mask that is designed to be used overnight. These will have guidance on them and will have been thoroughly tried and tested for overnight use specifically.

Ensure A Clean Surface 

Before putting on your face mask, ensure you have thoroughly cleaned your face and you have clean, dry bedding. Naturally, you may need to replace the bedding the next day depending on the ingredients used and whether you have got any on the sheets. 

To maximize the chances of avoiding mess, wait for your face mask to harden and dry before going to sleep. If you want to get the best possible sleep at the same time, you will need to allocate enough time for this to happen.

Will A Face Mask Help Me Sleep?

There’s no real answer to this because everybody is different. However, some people as mentioned earlier will benefit from the routine and relaxation elements of using an overnight face mask. 

However, to get a great night’s sleep, the following points should also be followed first and foremost. 

Diet And Exercise 

Getting a good amount of exercise can seriously help with your energy levels. If you are able to use any excess energy, you should feel fatigued enough to sleep later. 

Additionally, getting the right diet into your system with plenty of vitamins and minerals should also help your overall mental and physical health. 

Try to limit the amount of caffeine and sugar you are having throughout the day too as this can make it much more difficult to sleep at night, and you may experience a “crash” in the mornings. 

This is almost a sugar-hangover and can make it much more difficult to function in the mornings, whilst also making you feel generally more fatigued.


Ensure you are limiting your exposure to blue lights (see also ‘What Color LED Light Helps You Sleep?‘) such as your TV and smartphone before sleep. Studies have suggested that this can reduce your production of melatonin and make it more difficult to sleep.

The Bottom Line

You can sleep with a face mask if it has been made specifically for overnight use, so ensure you check before you use one!

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