Can You Put a Bed Over a Vent?

You tried different bedroom layouts and finally found the perfect one, but it just happens that the spot you chose for the bed has a floor register.

So, can you put a bed over a vent?

While it’s technically possible, it’s not advisable. Still, the layout intricacies go beyond a simple yes or no.

This article digs deeper into the potential risks of placing a bed on a vent. If there’s no other layout that works for your bedroom, you’ll find some precautions to consider at the end, too.

Why You Shouldn’t Put a Bed on an Air Vent

Let’s jump right in and check out why putting a bed over a vent can be a bad idea.

Can You Put a Bed Over a Vent?

1. It Might Leave You With Poor Air Circulation and Cold Spots

Odds are, your supply and return vent locations weren’t chosen randomly.

Instead, the HVAC technicians strategically positioned the air vents for efficient ventilation. Placing a bed over one of them disrupts the balance.

Note that if it’s a supply vent, hot air pockets can form under the bed. This would leave you shivering above the bed itself or in any other corner of the room.

2. It Can Decrease the HVAC System’s Cost Efficiency

Blocking a vent with your bed might create more problems than just uneven room heating.

Since closed vents disrupt balanced airflow, they can strain your HVAC system’s efficiency and increase repair costs.

How can blocking or closing a vent can do all that?

Well, inside your furnace lies a crucial component: the heat exchanger. That’s a metal coil system responsible for heating the air propelled by the blowers.

When a vent is obstructed, the exchanger gets less cool air. The reduced airflow might just cause the exchanger to overheat, expand, and ultimately crack.

All in all, any supposed energy bill savings will likely be offset by the expenses of repairing an overworked HVAC system.

3. It Increases the Molding Risk Under the Bed

Mold thrives in environments with high humidity and stagnant air, both of which can result from obstructed vents.

To make matters worse, the consequences of mold growth extend beyond the bed itself. The increased humidity can impact surrounding areas, including flooring materials such as carpeting or hardwood.

Unfortunately, that’s all a threat to your indoor air quality and overall living environment.

Note that any upholstered furniture can be prone to mold growth, not just the bed.

Can You Put a Bed Over a Vent?

4. It Could Warp Wooden Bed Frames

Mold isn’t the only thing that could ruin your bed in this setup.

If you’re using a wooden bed frame or a bunkie board, the direct flow of air from the vent might warp the wood over time.

Remember that wood’s natural tendency to absorb and release moisture means it can expand and contract as humidity levels change.

5 Tips to Keep in Mind Before Putting a Bed Over a Vent

Sometimes people feel compelled to place their bed over a vent. It might be due to floor space limitations or aesthetic considerations.

Either way, if you find yourself in this situation, try out these tips:

1. Monitor the HVAC System’s Efficiency

Regularly check your HVAC system’s performance to ensure that it’s operating at its best. This includes keeping an eye on the temperature distribution and energy consumption.

Any changes in these aspects could be a warning sign that you need to move the bed.

2. Leave Enough Space Above the Vent

Aim to get a high bed frame with as much clearance as possible. Think 18 inches of space or so.

This kind of clearance can mix the air better and keep air pockets from forming under the bed.

3. Use an Air Deflector or a Vent Extension

To maintain proper ventilation without sacrificing your bedroom layout, you could use vent deflectors or extensions.

Some deflectors are designed to redirect the airflow from up (towards to bed) to the side. On the other hand, floor vent extenders provide an elongated channel for air to flow, bypassing the bed frame altogether.

You can explore ready-made vent deflectors or consider DIY options.

Alternatively, you might want to consult a contractor to see if solutions like toe-kick registers (commonly used for cabinets) can work for your closed bed frame.

4. Don’t Block the Area Under the Bed or Use a Bed Skirt

There’s no point in using an air vent deflector if you’ll obstruct the airflow with a bed skirt in the end. Naturally, you also won’t be able to place storage boxes or pet blockers.

5. Do Mold Checks and Clean Often

Can You Put a Bed Over a Vent?

Regularly inspect the area around the vents and under the bed for signs of mold growth.

Make it a habit to clean under your bed regularly with a vacuum or a cloth. After all, keeping the area clean and dry can significantly reduce the chances of mold formation.


Can you put a crib over an air vent?

Placing a crib near a vent is generally not recommended.

To ensure your baby’s safety and comfort, it’s advised to leave two feet or more between the crib and any heating vents or windows.

Is blocking an air vent a fire hazard?

Blocking a floor or a wall vent could potentially lead to reduced airflow and overheating, increasing the risk of a fire.

If you have a raised bed, the risk might not be as high. However, it’s still best to take some precautions and stay on the safe side.

Beds Over Air Vents: Final Thoughts

Supply and return air vents are hardly ever randomly placed. They are part of a well-thought-out system that aims to maintain proper airflow, balanced temperature, and efficient energy usage.

So, even partially blocking these vents by putting your bed over them can be counterproductive.

However, by understanding the potential consequences and following a few practical tips, you can strike a balance between your dream bedroom layout and the optimal ventilation levels!

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