40 Things to Do While on Bed Rest After Surgery

Recovering from surgery isn’t exactly a walk in the park, and we get it—being confined to bed rest can feel like a plot twist you didn’t sign up for! Everyone in this spot needs things to do while on bed rest after surgery.

While you’re probably worried about too much free time, we’re here to turn those seemingly endless hours into a treasure trove of opportunities!

Consider this your survival guide to thriving while tucked snugly under the covers. From diving into captivating books to mastering the art of DIY macramé, we’ve compiled a list of engaging escapades to keep your spirits high and your mind buzzing!

1. Read a Book

Going on a literary adventure is the perfect way to keep your mind occupied during recovery time. Let the pages take you beyond hospital walls, as you savor tales of bravery and inspiration.

Plus, it’s a fantastic excuse to escape that pain medication routine, if only for a chapter or two!

2. Listen to an Audiobook

When the idea of holding a book feels like a stretch, let a friendly voice distract you. Audiobooks are nothing short of magical carpet rides, carrying you through tales and stories. It’s like a mental health spa day, all without lifting a finger—well, except to press play!

3. Play Solitaire

If you have endless time on your hands a tablet or a laptop, it’s the perfect excuse to keep playing solitaire until you get bored!

Dealing yourself a virtual hand of solitaire is like having a cozy chat with an old friend. Shuffle your worries away while you recover from that major surgery. If you’re in the mood for company, you can talk some friends into playing an online match with you.

4. Catch Up With Friends

Recovery time doesn’t mean disconnecting from your squad. Dive into text messages or make a quick call—a digital hangout is just what the doctor ordered!

Sharing laughs and updates is medicine for the soul, and it sure beats any prescription. Plus, you can get the latest updates about who is dating whom!

5. Watch a Movie

40 Things to Do While on Bed Rest After Surgery

Lights, camera, and action—right from the comfort of your bed! Tune in to your favorite flicks, whether it’s an old classic or a newly released blockbuster.

Or, if you’re in the mood to be impressed, watch a critically-acclaimed movie, like the recently-released Oppenheimer. You can also entertain your time with Ryan Gosling dressed as Ken in the latest Barbie movie!

It’s a mental escape that doesn’t involve hopping off your bed. Who knew recovery could be this entertaining?

6. Start a Blog

If you know your way around writing, why not use it to keep yourself occupied?

Turn your recovery after surgery into an inspiring journey. Blog your way through the healing process, sharing triumphs and thoughts. Your words could be the guiding light for others on a similar path, while also nurturing your positive attitude and fostering a sense of purpose.

You can even monetize the blog after you’re fully recovered, so it’s a win-win!

7. Do Crossword Puzzles

I know not everyone is a crossword fanatic like I am, but let’s face it, it’s a pretty entertaining time filler!

Let the healing process become a playful challenge with crossword puzzles. Filling in those little boxes isn’t just about words—it’s a testament to your determination and a delightful way to keep boredom at bay.

8. Practice Meditation

Meditation is like a soothing balm for the soul, helping you channel inner peace. Inhale serenity, exhale stress, and let your healing process thrive as you work your way through the recovery period. You can download meditation apps to help you with breathing exercises and practices.

9. Listen to Music

Enjoy the therapeutic power of music during your recovery after surgery. Let the rhythm be your companion, turning your room into a dance floor of healing. Music has the magical ability to elevate your mood and ignite that positive attitude you need on this journey.

You can even create some playlists for the recovery process—that should take some time off your hands.

10. Play Card Games

Shuffle, deal, and conquer—card games are your secret weapon for a cheerful recovery. As you engage in friendly battles with yourself or virtual opponents, you’re not just playing cards. You’re dealing a winning hand in your healing process and playing your stress away.

11. Binge-watch a Series

Turn your resting place into a cozy cocoon and get lost in some awesome TV series. Binge-watching is like taking a mini-vacation during your recovery, and you can easily access any online streaming platform for some episodes to watch in your free time.

Maybe watch the final season of Succession and enjoy the mind-boggling corporate drama. Or, if you’re in the mood for classics, rewatching The Sopranos is always a good idea!

12. Paint Your Nails

While you’re on the mend, painting your nails is a cool way to pamper yourself. It adds a pop of color and a bit of achievement to your healing journey.

You can look for new nail painting ideas on Pinterest and create a board of your favorite designs. Then, filter, choose your top pick, and start painting!

13. Listen to a Podcast

Why not bring the party to your place with podcasts? Tune in to interesting chats that keep you company during your recovery. It’s like having buddies over, making your space a cozy corner filled with inspiring stories and learning moments.

40 Things to Do While on Bed Rest After Surgery

If you own an iPhone or an iPad, you can log into the Podcasts app and search for a topic you’re interested in.

14. Create a Bucket List

Time to dream big from your cozy spot! Make a bucket list full of amazing things you want to do. Think bungee jumping, sky diving, riding a camel, or something as simple as eating a pizza in Rome.

Your recovery period can be a time of planning and excitement, making your healing days even more meaningful.

15. Use Duolingo

Have you ever tried to learn a new language using Duolingo? It’s like having a cool language teacher right in your room. Spice up your recovery with a bit of language adventure—who knows, you might end up speaking a whole new language by the time you’re back on your feet!

16. Learn DIY Macrame

If you have a knack for DIY arts, you can use the free time on your hands to learn macramé. Knot by knot, you’ll craft beautiful pieces that turn your recovery into a crafting haven. After your recovery, you can hang your pieces in your living room and make your family proud of what you did!

17. Get a Coloring Book

Coloring can be pretty therapeutic when you want it to be. Dive into an adult coloring book and let your imagination roam. It’s like therapy for your creative spirit during your healing journey.

18. Knit a Blanket

If you’re a fan of knitting, you can use the free time on your hands to knit a cozy blanket. With each stitch, you’re crafting comfort and healing vibes, turning yarn into your personal symbol of recovery.

19. Meal-Plan

Meal planning brings a dash of routine and a sprinkle of excitement to your healing days. If you’re worried about cooking or feeding your family during the recovery process, you can start creating a meal plan.

You can also whip up a to-do list of what you need to get at the grocery store for your weekly meal plan.

20. Declutter Your Phone Gallery

Tidy up your digital space as you swipe away unnecessary clutter. Organizing your phone gallery is like a digital detox—a small step that brings order and a sense of accomplishment to your recovery zone.

21. Write Your Grocery List

Your recovery time is the perfect chance to pen down a grocery list for the future. It’s like a culinary adventure in planning, infusing your healing period with flavors of anticipation and creativity.

22. Catch Up With Your Friends

Use the free time on your hands to connect with your buddies, swapping stories and laughs. You can use social media apps to connect, or simply start a video call for the group, where everyone can share updates and jokes.

23. Read Magazines

Explore worlds of fashion, travel, and more through the colorful pages of magazines. See what the latest fashion trends are, explore new recipes, and read movie reviews as you sit in the comfort of your own bed.

24. Plan Your Next Vacation

Let your mind wander to future adventures. Plan your dream getaway from the comfort of your healing haven, turning your recovery into a ticket to exciting possibilities. Think Rome, Paris, or Vienna, and start planning!

25. Create a Journal

Capture your thoughts, dreams, and reflections in a journal. It’s your personal space to pour out emotions and celebrate triumphs, turning your healing days into a canvas of self-discovery. A journal can be your best friend if you don’t have your friends to keep you company all the time.

26. Learn Origami

Are you a fan of DIY skills and Asian traditions? If so, you can fold, crease, and craft intricate origami wonders while you heal. Origami is like a puzzle for your hands, creating miniature works of art that turn your recovery period into a hands-on masterpiece.

27. Sketch

Put pencil to paper and let your creativity flow. Sketching is your visual diary of healing, capturing moments of inspiration and self-expression that transform your recovery into a work of art.

28. Invite Friends Over

Host gatherings from your bed, inviting friends over to join in the fun. It’s not ideal to have a gathering while in bed, but your close friends will definitely know what you need! You can also get them to bring board games and have a fun game night.

29. Do a Small Jigsaw Puzzle

Piece by piece, assemble a jigsaw puzzle that challenges your mind and brings a sense of accomplishment. It’s like a mental adventure that keeps you occupied without causing mind fatigue.

30. Get a Sudoko Booklet

Give your brain a workout with Sudoku puzzles. These number challenges add a sprinkle of logic and excitement to your recovery, filling your time with a mind-boggling activity.

31. Write Your Goals

40 Things to Do While on Bed Rest After Surgery

While you’re recovering from your surgery, map out aspirations for the future. Writing down your goals infuses your recovery with purpose, turning your healing days into stepping stones toward the post-recovery period.

32. Create an Amazon Wishlist

I always have something in my Amazon cart waiting to be checked out, and I bet you’re the same! Even if you don’t, you probably have some products in mind that you’d like to get eventually.

Use your time wisely by creating an Amazon wishlist. You can even adjust your budget while you’re at it to know when you’ll be able to order the list.

33. Write Thank-You Notes

Express gratitude to those who’ve supported you. Writing thank-you notes spreads positivity and appreciation, and your friends will love the nice gesture!

34. Call Family Members

If you’re feeling boredom after surgery, connect with your loved ones over the phone. We all have cousins living miles away that we don’t have enough time to contact on a daily basis. Well, your recovery period is your chance to catch up!

35. Read About Random Topics

Use your healing journey to dive into a sea of knowledge and curiosity. Reading about random topics adds a spark of learning and wonder to your recovery. Think history, animals, or wildlife, and start surfing the internet for related articles.

36. Create a Pinterest Moodboard

Creating a Pinterest mood board is like curating your aspirations, turning your recovery period into an artistic journey of imagination. It takes your mind off the pain and keeps you occupied for a while.

37. Watch Beauty Tutorials

Treat yourself to a mini beauty school right from your cozy cocoon! Learn nifty makeup hacks, discover skincare wizardry, and master the art of looking fabulous even from your recovery haven. YouTube will be your best friend if you decide to pursue beauty secrets!

38. Do a Sheet Mask

Treat your skin to a soothing sheet mask while you’re resting. As you pamper yourself, your recovery becomes a spa-like experience, and you end up with a shiny, soft face!

39. Practice Aromatherapy

Fill your room with calming scents, enveloping your recovery haven in soothing aromas. Aromatherapy can take your stress away, and you can spend a lot of time choosing scents and creating blends. And the best part is, your room will smell lovely for visitors!

40. Snack and Sleep!

Here’s the most important thing to do while resting after surgery: indulge in delicious snacks and restful sleep! Your recovery will become a celebration of self-care, as you savor treats and nurture your body.

Things to Do While on Bed Rest After Surgery: The End

As you wrap up this journey of post-surgery bed rest, remember that every moment spent here can be an opportunity for growth, learning, and a touch of fun.

You can turn your healing cocoon into a space of exploration and creativity. Whether you want to become a puzzle master, a beauty guru, or an origami maker, you can always find resources online to help you.

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