15 Relaxing Movies To Fall Asleep To

Movies are a fantastic way to relax after a long day, and few things beat the feeling of coming home from work or studies and putting on one to enjoy. They’re also one of the best ways to ease yourself into sleep if you struggle with insomnia.

Even if you fall asleep quickly, we recommend you check out this list of movies we curated. Not only are they relaxing, but they’re also a must-watch across all age groups. We promise we’ll keep the spoilers limited, so read on!

15 Relaxing Movies To Fall Asleep To
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Our Picks

We made sure to diversify the movie genres and eras to satisfy your needs. By the way, remember that a few of them contain adult themes!

1- News From Home – 1977

Chantal Akerman’s take on the melancholic subject of familial disconnection and loneliness shines through in her 1977 movie, “News From Home.” The decaying and grim streets of Manhattan in the seventies — where Akerman used to take walks — and long takes of several similarly dilapidated locations spell a weird sense of enigmatic beauty and emptiness.

These emotions, intensified by her inexperience in the city, are further helped by the camera work — cautiously slow pans and scrutiny of the surroundings as if the viewer is just discovering their new place in the world. 

There’s no story, and a good part of the movie focuses on her slow discovery of the city — a journey you’ll inadvertently join. Soon, the subject goes into full swing: receiving letters from her mother.

The movie excels at relaxing through long shots of the busy streets of New York, where every perturbation is drowned by the silvery woman’s voice as she reads the letters. Watching this flick will have you dreaming about walking through the streets of New York as soon as they start being read, for nothing is quite as relaxing as a thin voice to help you sleep.

2- Before Sunrise – 1995

Everyone has a story about that stranger they saw on the train, fell in love with, but never met again. What if we gather the courage to approach those seemingly special ones we know won’t cross paths with again?

Before Sunrise is part of a trilogy and arguably the best one. It starts on a Eurail train heading to Paris, where Jesse, an American student traveling Europe, meets Céline, a French student visiting relatives. It didn’t take long for him to take an interest in her and propose that she accompany him to Vienna. 

Once they disembark in Vienna, we become third-wheelers on their journey throughout the city — their listeners as they explore each other’s views about life.

The movie is dialogue-heavy. At its core, it’s minimalistic. We’re presented with scenes from around Vienna and given the front-row seat to Jesse’s cynic views and Céline’s romantic angles. The entire movie is akin to several dates condensed into a single one. They go through many experiences that help them connect and grow with each other.

If you care to follow what they say word by word, you’ll quickly find yourself asking for more by the time they say goodbye. Otherwise, we’re sure you’ll find yourself on a stroll around Vienna, courtesy of their voices, the vivid scenery, and the philosophical topics they tackle.

3- Her – 2013

15 Relaxing Movies To Fall Asleep To
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Theodore is a sensitive and soulful man in the 2013 film “Her.” We watch as he becomes fascinated with Samantha, a hyper-intelligent operating system.

Theodore is a depressed recluse — an introverted and lonely individual. He works for a business of professional writers who compose personal letters for those unable to. The movie is driven by its romantic plot as, from the beginning, we learn that Theodore is an expert at composing love letters for couples. 

Heartbroken by his impending divorce, he finds solace in an operating system he bought. Samantha is his new female virtual assistant, an artificial intelligence that learns and grows psychologically. While she’s limited to assisting him in his job at the beginning, she soon begins discussing all subjects with him, the most critical being relationships.

Soon, they grow attracted to one another. We accompany them throughout their night talks and dates until, at one point, they fall in love with each other. Conflict arises, but at no point does it escalate to become ear blistering. The movie is almost like a monologue, as Theodore and Samantha speak in near-whispers.

They’ll take the place of that person you speak to until you fall asleep, and you might find yourself questioning the definition of a relationship after you wake up.

4- Lost in Translation – 2003

Lost in Translation is a story of an unlikely bond between an aging movie star going through a midlife crisis and a conflicted newlywed dissatisfied with her current relationship. 

After they meet by accident in a hotel bar in Tokyo and get to know each other, they learn that what they’ve been looking for for so long is understanding. In this unlikely new bond, they find a distraction from the troubles that plagued their lives and form a meaningful connection.

The script is brilliantly written. It excels at presenting the idea of being mentally lost. The characters are strangers in Tokyo, and the only thing keeping them sane is their growing relationship. 

The movie is distinguished by its cold, subtle colors of loneliness. It perfectly contrasts the warmth of your bed through its dull and overcast mood.

5- Life of Pi – 2012

15 Relaxing Movies To Fall Asleep To
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A Bengal tiger and a teenager are the only survivors on a lifeboat. Once tragedy strikes their freighter and sinks it, they’re left stranded in the ocean. To survive, they have to learn to trust each other.

The majority of the movie takes place in the vast ocean, where Pi, the teenager, spends his days finding new ways to feed himself and gain the trust of Richard Parker, the Bengal tiger. Pi’s monologues are the movie’s highlights, as through them, he shares with us his views on religion, self-perception, perseverance, and the nature of animals.

Listening to his thoughts over the ocean’s sounds is a surefire way to help yourself sleep.

6- Wings of Desire – 1987

Wings of Desire seeks to answer the question, “Can angels fall in love with humans?”

Two angels, Damiel and Cassiel, soar the skies of post-war Berlin to aid humans in distress. The movie focuses on Damiel and his daily routine. As an angel, he can hear the thoughts of humans, and he finds purpose in comforting the depressed and lonely.

Later, he falls in love with a trapeze artist, Marion, and the plot turns into his wondering whether it’s possible to assume a human form to experience human emotions.

The movie cherishes the simple beauties of everyday life, such as interacting with individuals or exploring the city. It’s relaxing watching Damiel zip through the sky, curious whether his next target to comfort is us.

7- Tokyo Story – 1953

Tokyo Story, as the title suggests, is nothing more than a story of an elderly couple and their visit to their adult children in Tokyo. After leaving behind their small seaside village to go there, they learn that the growing chasm between parents and their children is inevitable.

Since their children are too busy, their widowed daughter-in-law becomes responsible for their care. We accompany them as they go on a sightseeing tour of metropolitan Tokyo and the hot spring spa at Atami. We also watch how they spend their time doing what elderly parents typically do — advise the young and indulge in their hobbies.

The movie is best described as wholesome. Although it turns sour near the end to showcase its moral lesson, most of it is relaxing through and through.

8- Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – 2001

15 Relaxing Movies To Fall Asleep To
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One of the three first Harry Potter movies was bound to make our list, and our pick is the debut movie that launched the Golden Trio into stardom. 

This movie is a must-watch for any fantasy fanatic. While the sequels gradually become darker and more menacing, the first movie retains its mythical charm that had us all glued to the television as children. Aside from its memorable otherworldly themes and magical mystique, most of the main cast is children.

Following the story as they slowly learn and advance through their classes to eventually triumph over the antagonist is nothing short of thrilling. But, since most of the movie is about them sneaking, whispering about, and doing what children typically do, you’re bound to be comforted by the impression that nothing terrible is waiting for them.

If not, the extraordinary castle of Hogwarts and its surreal scenery will be a portal to your world of dreams. Hopefully, a letter to Hogwarts will be waiting for you there.

9- The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring – 2001

J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy epic has a cult following for being one of the few tales that harbor enough detail to absorb you into the world and make you feel as if you’re part of it.

The movie is long, and for a good reason. It’s slow at addressing the main issue — the struggle to reach Mount Doom and destroy the One Ring to ascertain that Lord Sauron never attempts to conquer Middle Earth again. But, it dedicates part of itself to telling us the story of Frodo, the protagonist, and introduces us to his fantasy world.

We learn what’s so special about the movie while accompanying him and his companions through their journey toward Mordor. It’s a way to escape into an exotic world devoid of all problems we face in reality, and not many movies excel at doing that.

10- Drive My Car – 2021

Drive My Car is about loneliness, longing, and mourning. The story is about a theater director who, after his wife dies, finds solace in his growing connection with the chauffeuse hired to drive him to and from rehearsals.

The movie starts with a characteristic moody tone. Cold colors and exhausted tones characterize the world and the characters respectively. The protagonist, Yusuke, spends most of his time driving his car, lost in his thoughts. Once he’s joined by a passenger, his thoughts seep out of his mind for us to learn more about his view of life.

It devastates us as much as it relaxes us through its subtle themes of resentment and acceptance. If there’s any lesson to be learned, it’s to forgive oneself. Though, only after we listen to Yusuke’s long conversations in his car, his temple of solitude, do we come to that conclusion.

It’s a flawless masterpiece that reminds us of what it means to be human. The calm tone it holds throughout most of its runtime is only due to the characters’ stubbornness toward letting themselves be vulnerable in front of others.

11- Amélie – 2001

The movie Amélie is best described as humane. It’s about finding pleasure and joy in things we take for granted, such as going out of our way to help others and spreading happiness.

Amélie is very introverted and refuses to step out of her comfort zone. She lived her entire life in her imagination, comfortable in the world she made in her mind. While working as a barista at a café in Paris, she soon realizes that her reservation would only stop her from fully enjoying life.

Once she steps out of her comfort zone, she begins helping others do the same. The movie is about her being this memorable, kind, and soulful character who understands that the one who helps others gets help in return.

If you’re looking for a relaxing movie to make you fall in love with humanity all over again, Amélie is your go-to choice. You’ll find comfort in Jeunet’s picturesque rendition of Paris and Amélie’s bubbly personality.

12- Ocean’s Eleven – 2001

15 Relaxing Movies To Fall Asleep To
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Ocean’s Eleven is one of those movies that surprisingly contradict their genre. We can hear you asking, “How can a movie about a casino heist be relaxing?”

The heartfelt camaraderie between the charismatic criminals, the laughs they share, and the occasional emotional moments make it a one-of-a-kind experience. If you’re not amazed by Danny and his comportment, you’ll be overjoyed to learn that his partners are all equally hilarious.

The plan they follow to trick the casino owners and steal millions of dollars is as ingenious as it is funny. Once they succeed, they bid farewell to each other at the Bellagio fountain in a very emotional and heartfelt goodbye. 

Ocean’s Eleven is the perfect movie to put on after preparing a bowl of popcorn and jumping into warm covers on a rainy day. Watch as its events slowly unfold, and hope you’ll be there by the time the action begins.

13- 12 Angry Men – 1957

12 Angry Men is a movie that highlights critical thinking. The entire flick takes place in a single room where twelve people, who are jurors, get together to decide whether a person is guilty.

While most of them are hasty to decide that said person is responsible for a crime, one of them lectures that they’re there to decide the person’s fate, and they should at least give it five minutes of thought. This effectively launches the story into action, and we’re given the front-row seat to twelve people’s scrutiny of every minor detail to discover the truth.

If you’re looking for an easy way to relax, consider listening to these jurors as they spend an hour and a half conversing and deducing with each other. Worry not, as only a couple of them are angry!

14- Midnight in Paris – 2011

Midnight in Paris is the story of a killjoy who, instead of finding meaningfulness in his connection with his fiancée and her family, falls in love with the city every day at midnight.

The mornings and afternoons are plagued by boring get-togethers courtesy of his materialistic wife and her obnoxious parents. But, every midnight, Gil boards a taxi that takes him to the 1920s, the period of the Lost Generation.

During the few hours he spends there, he meets many famous people from history, such as Hemingway, Picasso, and Fitzgerald. He finds joy in sharing his experiences with them, notably discussing his debut novel and his longing for the past.

Midnight in Paris is the perfect choice for those who have an unexplainable nostalgia for a past they’ve never experienced — a must-watch for every history lover seeking comfort in the Parisienne life.

15- Paddington – 2014

We had to include a live-action movie, and Paddington was an easy choice. It’s a family-friendly, gloriously charming tale of a Peruvian bear and his escapades in London. The story, although sad at some points, still retains its immeasurable warmth and comedic value due to the Brown family’s typical British lifestyle and sense of humor.

Paddington seeks to find the explorer who met his uncle forty years ago, hoping he could live with him. Through this journey, he encounters many hardships. But, in the end, the Brown family permanently welcomes him into their home, and he begins writing to his aunt to express his newfound happiness.

The movie is a beautiful tale of a bear adapted from a fictional character from children’s books. As such, it’s going to be wholesome through and through.


15 Relaxing Movies To Fall Asleep To
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Movies are the perfect way to treat yourself after a long day. Moreover, if you struggle with sleep, you’re bound to find a relaxing flick to help you with it if you look around. But we had to make it easier for you — our list is the best place to start.

If you’re feeling lost and misunderstood, consider Her or Lost in Translation — they remind us of what it means to be human. However, if you’re more into fantasy, Harry Potter or the Lord of the Rings may be the better option. But, at the end of the day, be sure to enjoy what you watch and sleep well!

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