Losing Sleep Thinking About Someone? Here’s Why (And How to Stop It)

losing sleep thinking about someone

If you’re losing sleep thinking about someone, you could be struggling with loneliness, infatuation, or unresolved emotions.  While it’s completely normal to think about someone you care about, there’s a fine line between obsession and love. So it’s crucial to know when to stop ruminating and start getting a bit of much-needed sleep.  You can … Read more

How to Relieve Hip Pain While Sleeping

person in blue shirt and blue denim jeans with hand on hips

Sleep is supposed to be the time your body unwinds, relaxes, and gets a few hours of peaceful bliss. It’s when you recover from all the tiresome troubles of the day. And as you’re well aware, not getting enough sleep can have some negative effects on your health and mood.   Whether you’re having trouble falling … Read more

Why Am I Having Trouble Sleeping?

woman sitting having trouble in sleep

Sleeping problems are a prevalent issue among adults. A lot of people struggle to get enough sleep to feel adequately rested and energized throughout the day.  With that in mind, you’re probably wondering, why am I having trouble sleeping?  There could be several potential causes. These include stress, lifestyle factors such as diet, physical health … Read more

Parenting Sleep Deprivation: What Is It, and How to Overcome It?

relaxing baby sleeping with father on bed

Babies are little bundles of joy, and parents enjoy the first days with the new family member. However, these unforgettable moments can be tiring, especially at the beginning of parenthood. Simply, your baby needs all the attention and care 24/7. Sweet torment indeed. In all the rush to please the new family member, new parents … Read more

How to Sleep Earlier: 9 Activities to Improve an Early Night Sleep

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Sleep in humans is controlled through a cycle in the brain, which releases the melatonin hormone. This hormone has an impact on our sleep cycle. So if you find it difficult to sleep early, it probably means your body is suppressing melatonin production. Some causes of this might include stress, exposure to bright light, or … Read more