15 Exciting Boho Cushions To Help You Sleep Better

15 Exciting Boho Cushions To Help You Sleep Better

Boho is a short form of Bohemian. It is a region in the Czech Republic, which was known for its skillful Roman artists, musicians, and traders.

Nowadays, it is used as an adjective to describe unconventional types of home decor. It doesn't apply to every single thing, though, so it is best to think of it as an aesthetic.


The softness of this pillow cover is perfect for snuggling while watching TV or reading a book.

We like the idea of adding a few candles to the room — or even placing them on a nearby coffee table — to create an intimate atmosphere.


This raffia-wrapped chenille throw pillow will add a pop of color to your living room sofa.

The soft, wide-pillow cover, which comes in many colors including dark green, yellow, and cream/off-white, will give your bedding a scholarly feel.

Winter is coming, and we need to prepare our homes before the cold weather hits.

These inexpensive throw pillows will add texture and warmth to your couch or bed. You can also hang them on your wall to create a winter backdrop.


This embroidery pattern is an abstracted take on your favorite Aztec geometric prints.

These cushions feature several colored backgrounds with geometric stripes and shapes running horizontally across the top and bottom. 


You may think you need a lot of expensive items to decorate your house, but a simple boho throw pillow can really add a lot of character to any room.

We looked at hundreds of different pillow options to find the best ones for every kind of room.

These funky tassel pillow covers are so funky and perfect to spice up your room's creative aspects.


This groovy, embroidered throw will add a touch of style to your couch. Its soft colors and patterns will bring out the best in your living room.

The texture is important for decorative pillows. It's what gives them their unique personality.

Pillow covers come in many materials, including cotton, polyester, wool, microfiber, satin, suede, leather, and even faux fur.

This is what makes boho pillows so unique, they have texture to them, which can be the difference between a blank room and bringing a room to life!


If you love patterns and textures, then you will love these tassel-textured pillows. These pillows come in many colors and styles.

They are great for meditation, yoga, relaxation, or even reading! They also serve as a footrest, making them perfect for lounging around the house.

Round pillows are easy to clean, and they are very durable. Braided pillows are soft, comfortable, and affordable.

They're also eco-friendly because they're made from natural fibers.


These pillow covers are inspired by the colors and vibrancy we see in our garden every year. We hope you'll enjoy using them!

This is a great choice if you need something tidy and professional, but it still looks fun.

If you like the Pantone colors, then you will definitely love these boho pillows as an added feature!

These amazing boho-inspired pillows will be perfect for an urban apartment.

Their simplicity crossed with vibrant patterns will allow you to focus on your items instead of worrying about what else might need attention. 


This luxurious velvet pillow cover will bring a touch of luxury to your bedroom. It comes in a few different sizes, including 30x50 and 45x45, to suit your living room or bedroom.

Each pillow features a unique sun pattern, which is just the right amount of color and creativity to bring into your home.


These covers will fit perfectly with your favorite collection of vintage children's books.

Embroidery details add just enough charm to bring these to life. These bold cushions, in an elegant pattern, reminiscent of funky ideas, look like they were plucked from the set for an escapism film.

Freshman dorm rooms can be pretty small. You might not even have enough space for your bed, desk, dresser, and lamp.

If you’re lucky, you might get a closet or two. But if you’re really lucky, you might also get a few extra square feet for storage.

These funky and colorful pillows will make a great addition to any tween bedroom. A fun and colorful accent piece, this pillow will add a pop of color to any space.


Plump your furniture up with rows of new throw cushions. Throw pillows are an ideal addition to any household.

They bring warmth and coziness to any space, whether it be a bedroom, living room, or office.

Throw pillows are becoming more popular and more varied. You can start using them in new ways. Throw pillows paired with other items to create cozy corners and warm spaces.

Pillows are often paired with throw blankets. Choose thick fabrics and rich jewel tones to create a luxurious and luxurious look alongside these Turkish and rich colored pillows.


Matching throw pillows on purpose are fun and trendy. So, why not mix and match your throw pillows in a neutral or monotone space and switch them up a bit with the odd, incredibly bold boho pillow.

Try six to eight throw pillows in all different styles. Create an ombré style with your pillows! Choose the same pillow and get a different shade of the same color.

Place the same shades together and alternate them from light to dark.

Using unique accents like faux alpaca fur, lumbar knife-edge pillows, and zebra print on bedding has been known to add interest to any room, so why not try it out with the boho look and feel ready for late Indian summer this year!


You should always buy throw pillows with covers. If you buy ones that don't come with covers, you'll need to wash them regularly to maintain the softness.

You also want to avoid buying cheap throw pillows because they tend to wear quickly. Instead, get quality throw pillows made from high-quality materials like cotton or wool.

These will hold up longer and provide better value.

This is exactly what you'll get with boho-inspired textured pillows like this type, the texture is a great way to spice up any room, and we think you'll really love the overall look you can achieve from pillows like these red, blue, yellow, and white patterns cushions.


You can DIY and create your own boho style. There are lots of ways to get started. You can start small and add to it. Or you can start big and scale back down.

Either way works. Boho style embraces imperfections, so there is nothing wrong with using imperfect pillows, handmade rugs, and mismatched furniture. These imperfections give the boho style its unique charm.

We love how eccentric these pillows are and how many characters they can add to a once plain-looking room, it's as simple as just picking up a few of these cushions to bring the life back into your living room or lounge area!


Boho decor doesn't have to be perfectly matched or perfect. If you're looking for matching pieces, there are many options out there.

You can splurge and buy an expensive piece of boho decor, or you could go to the local consignments shop and find a vintage velvet chair and work it in somewhere.

This is why boho cushions work for anyone because they do the work for you in creating an exciting-looking living space in your funky homes!


Boho floor cushions and couch cushions are like small pouches filled with soft material. They are usually made of polyester or microfiber fabric.

Some are designed specifically for pets, while others are meant for children. Floor pillows can be found in all shapes and sizes.

They range from tiny to large and come in many materials including cotton, wool, fleece, and even faux fur.

If you're looking for something special, consider getting a boho-themed cushion.

These are perfect for dogs, cats, and other furry friends because the boho design works with the charm of having pets in your home because of the natural vibe to them.

They also make great gifts! There are no rules when layering cushions. You can layer them any way you like. 

Final Thoughts

The best thing about the boho style is that it's not limited to one particular color palette, but rather, it allows you to mix and match colors and textures to create a truly unique look.

It's a fun and easy way to update your home without spending a fortune.

Hope you enjoyed our list of 15 boho-inspired pillows to increase the comfort levels in your amazing home!

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