15 Cozy Plus Size Christmas Pajamas 

15 Cosiest Plus Size Christmas Pajamas For Lounging

To make sure you are in full Christmas spirit, why not wear some holiday inspired pajamas? 

With this in mind, we have put together a list of 15 of the most comfiest Christmas inspired loungewear for you to check out. Also, if you are looking for plus size, then have no fear, we’ve got you covered!


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Green is one of those colors that shouts ‘Christmas’. Not only does this pajama set look great around this time of year, but it also doesn’t look too over the top Christmassy.

That’s because the Christmas spirit has been toned down by the black sweater, yet it still feels like you are celebrating Xmas due to the tree. 

Also, the green trousers feature polka dots to represent lights around the tree, and we love that.

Basically, if you want a pajama set that looks like you are celebrating Christmas without it being (sort of) too obvious, then this is it. 

Sizes run up to 3 XL, but aren't suitable for those who need a bigger size. 


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Now we’re getting a little more Christmassy because plaid, yes red plaid, is all the rage at this time of year. Also, when it comes complete with a cute reindeer too - well, that just seals the deal.

Whilst you can get a single pajama set, there are sizes for the whole family too. This makes it ideal if you want to dress in the same set on Christmas morning or for a family photo.

Sizes run up to 6 XL making the set pretty versatile. 


Hey, hashtag couple goals! This is the kind of pajama set that you will want to wear alongside your partner. 

These cute short sleeves pajamas are a dream if you want a design that is super 

Christmassy. They feature Christmas trees, Santa’s hat, a snowman and so much more.

You can even have your first name letter put onto the shirt which makes it even more fun and stylish. 

Available as either a pants or short set, they run up to size 2 XL which may not suit everyone. 


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If you love cats, then this is the perfect option for you when it comes to pajamas. The design on the T-shirt includes a cat that is wrapped in Christmas lights sat by a tree. In typical fashion, the cat does not look impressed!

That’s not all, the pants include the cat wrapped in Christmas lights all over as a pattern. Whether for you or somebody else, if they or you love cats, then you need to get these pajamas. 

Dream & Co. are always a good choice for sizes. This pajama set goes all the way up to an 8 XL Plus.


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Whilst not a full set, this pair of Christmas lights pants are super cute, and can be teamed up with a comfy sweater or T-shirt - Xmas inspired optional. 

They have a loose fit to make them extra comfortable for lounging around whilst eating too much Christmas candy. 

The size goes up to 3 XL, and the waistband is very stretchy.


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We’re back to matching pajamas again! But just like before, you can purchase a single pajama set too, but the option is there if you have a family to buy Xmas pajamas for.

The polyester pants are blue with trees and polar bears, along with Christmas lights. The icing on the cake however is the long sleeved shirt which includes a bigger version of the polar bear with lots of Christmas lights.

Sizes got up to 4 XL.


Okay, don’t worry, we picked this out for a reason. 

Whilst you might be looking for Christmas inspired pajamas, we thought we’d slip this wildcard in. Whilst it has nothing Christmassy about it, it is a cute pajama shirt that is perfect to wear on Christmas morning.

Not only that, you can have your initial put on the shirt too making it unique. Sizes for the shirt go up to ‘plus size’ which is said to be 35” in length by 27.5” in width.


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There is no point celebrating Christmas if you don’t have a onesie to enjoy it in. Not only are they comfortable, but they can be worn all the way throughout the day.

This cute onesie is bright green with gingerbread men and baubles. The fun part are the pom poms that hang off the hood. It is also really soft and extra cozy.

Sizes go up to XX Large.


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If pants or shorts aren’t your thing, then perhaps a nightgown will do? This green one from Just Love features the familiar Santa Claus laugh of ‘Ho Ho Ho’.

It is long enough too to feel cozy and comfortable, and will look great with a fluffy dressing gown whilst you are opening up presents. 

The nightgown itself has been created with plus size women in mind too. With a size that goes up to 3 XL Plus, it is short to fit a wide variety of body shapes.


Who says you can’t look cute and stylish on Christmas morning? If you are looking for something that will look great on the ‘gram as well as lounging around the house, then this pajama set is it.

It features a green off the shoulder sweater with a Merry Christmas and Santa Claus print, along with skinny fit plaid pants. 

Sizes go up to 5 XL making it a great choice for those who love fashion.


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If blue is your color, then you will want to take a look at this slim fit pajama set. Once again, you can kit the whole family out too.

The pajamas feature a white polar bear who is skiing and waving which looks really cute. Whilst not completely Christmassy, it can be worn all winter long - heck, even fall if you really want to!

Sizing goes up to XXL and they are really stretchy as well.


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If you would like something cozy and winter inspired, yet not necessarily something that shouts Christmas, then this onesie is a great option.

Not only is it super comfy and warm, but it looks cute too. It features black and white striped arms along with snowflakes on the body area. However, to top it off, the hood is a penguin.

The overall design makes it a lot of fun, which is basically what the winter holidays are all about, right?

It includes a zipper and is really easy to clean too. You just need to throw it into the washer.  Also, sizes go up to XXL.


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If you are after simplicity, then the Dream & Co. long sleeve and plaid pants pajama set is a must. Whilst it does include a couple of polar bears and evergreen trees on the long sleeved sweatshirt, the red color gives it the Christmas spirit.

Other than that, it is a cute winter pajama set and sometimes you only want that. Well, if that is the case, then here you go!

Sizes range up to 38 to 40 plus making this an ideal choice for many. You can also buy it in petite sizes too!


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We do love a nightgown, and that is because they are super cozy and perfect for lounging around the house. This nightgown from Just Love is perfect for those who get excited for Christmas.

The design includes snowflakes, Santa Claus, Snowman, Reindeer - you name it!

It is long too, hitting just below the knee for extra comfort. Sizes go up to a 3X Plus making this an ideal choice for many.


There is something about a slogan T-shirt that many people love. We guess it shows a person’s personality without them having to say a word!

This T-shirt says exactly what many of us think. It is teamed up with plain pants which excitingly you can choose the color of. You can go with the standard red or green, or perhaps go for a white instead.

There are also options to choose different kinds of plaid, as well as a pattern. 

Sizes range up to 2 XL in the T-shirt and 2 XL in the pants. It isn’t the biggest range in sizes however.

Final Thoughts on Christmas Pajamas

Whether you are looking for something that screams ‘Happy Holidays’, or you just want to wear some pajamas that look cute around Christmas, then the list above should have inspired you.

Merry Christmas! 

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