10 Custom Sleep Masks You Will Love

10 Custom Sleep Masks You Will Love

A simple way to reduce your exposure to light is to wear a sleep mask that is tailored to your preferences or those of your clients or loved ones as gifts.

That could be the personalized design or simply how it is made for a comfortable night’s sleep.

In this article, we will look at 10 custom sleep masks we think you will love.

What Makes A Great Custom Sleep Mask

To get a good night’s sleep, you should limit your exposure to external light while you sleep and that blue light before you sleep.

It should be a good habit to get into where you put away your smartphone and turn the laptop off at least an hour before you intend to sleep.

Another part of your sleep routine should be brushing your teeth then reaching for the sleep mask as you turn the lights off.

Your sleep mask should stop any more external light reaching you yet certain factors increase how comfortable you will feel while wearing it.

  • Adjustable Elastic Strap - Get the perfect fit by shifting the tightness via the elastic strap.
  • Unique Design - Having a custom design that is unique to you should make it easier when you reach out for it at night time.
  • Cushion Padding - Added comfort from a design that sculpts around your face.
  • Material - Satin and microfiber tend to be popular choices for the material of a sleep mask due to how comfortable they feel though polyester is also an option.


Custom Eye Mask By Contrado

Each custom eye mask from Contrado is handmade to order so know what your preferences are first before ordering.

If you want an easy fit then the elastic band should help achieve that quite easily. You also have the choice of either a Basic or Premium mask though the included cushion padding should help in either case.

You can even use their size chart to find out if your head would fit a small, medium, or large-sized sleep mask band.

  • Material - Satin
  • Means Of Fitting - Elastic Band


If you want to give a gift that you know your guests will get good use out of, give them a personalized sleep mask.

Whether for a birthday, Christmas, or bridal party, each one can come in any of three colors from black, blush, and white.

There is an adjustable strap for the best fit and a choice of text with a trim that coordinates with it. For the personalized gift that should really make a difference, give them a sleep mask.

  • Material - Soft Satin Nylon
  • Means Of Fitting - Adjustable Strap


For ultimate customization, you can upload your own designs for your own sleep mask. This could be anything from a favorite photo to a mantra that you wish to get out into the world.

The uploaded design would be across the front and back of the sleep mask, as well as the elastic band.

Whether you want to create a unique gift for a friend or family member, you could also upload a company logo to create your own merchandise to give away to promote your company.

  • Material - Microfiber
  • Means Of Fitting - Elastic Band


Custom Sleep Mask By Bags Of Love

True customization typically comes with several options but two options should be paramount; Basic or Premium.

Both options in a sleep mask will block out the light and these ones can be adorned with a positive message or a treasured photo to put you in the right frame of mind before slumber. 

With the Premium sleep mask, you can enjoy either Real Silk Satin or Silk Sensation as a material with the chosen design on both sides and the band.

The sleep mask itself can come in multiple sizes with black or white stitching.

The Basic sleep mask is made from Duchess Satin with the chosen design featured on the front with back satin on the back and a choice of six trim colors with an adjustable black elastic band.

  • Material - Duchess Satin for Basic or Real Silk Satin or Silk Sensation for Premium
  • Means Of Fitting - Adjustable Black Elastic Band for Basic or Multiple Sizes for Premium


A great product to giveaway should be a sleep mask with your own company’s name or logo as a promotional item.

These contoured sleep masks come as one size fits all and come with a sponge padding for extra comfort.

A good night’s sleep from a sleep mask with your company’s details on it should prove to be promotional material that really provides a return on investment.

Choose from one of 20 colors to make your logo stand out in an ink imprint and let the improved sleep quality speak for itself.

  • Material - Soft Cotton
  • Means Of Fitting - Velcro Closure


[amazon fields=”B0828SHDFW” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Sleep masks should be ideal for travel yet can also make great gifts. With your own words of choice laid out in a unique design, this can make for a sensational personalized gift.

The fabric is smooth and breathable to make for a truly light sleep mask that still proves effective at blocking external light.

The soft adjustable strap should fit all sizes while the mask remains in place as you sleep to ensure you get some rest.

  • Material - Microfiber
  • Means Of Fitting - Adjustable Elastic Strap


Custom Silk Eye Mask By Sino Silk

One of the most ideal materials for an eye mask is silk and wearing a silk eye mask while you sleep can help fight the signs of ageing.

The material goes some way to ensuring a proper moisture balance and remains exceedingly smooth and comfortable.

Particularly the soft texture of the material which can really help anyone with a sensitive skin condition.

This eye mask should also help solve those dark circles, deep bags under your eyes, and any redness too. 

  • Material - Silk
  • Means Of Fitting - Elastic Strap


Choose from either blue, navy blue, purple, or tan in your Logo Aromatherapy Sleep Mask yet the most important component is contained within.

Yes, you can have your own design screen printed on and each one is individually polybagged.

However, the natural dry lavender flower filling should help out any clients or friends with insomnia and introduce a pleasant smell when you lay your head down.

If you want a personalized giveaway product that anyone should enjoy the benefit from then this is the one.

  • Material - Polyester
  • Means Of Fitting - Elastic Strap


Each pure organic mulberry silk eye mask comes homemade and you can really get a sense of the quality and the time spent creating each one.

The mask and the materials prove exceptionally soft and comfortable, ideal for anyone wanting to get to sleep.

The silk eye masks also look top-quality which you would expect and makes a real difference when you want to impress.

For a gift to remember, you may want to give your loved ones a mask for Valentine's Day or a birthday.  

  • Materials - Satin Silk, Satin, Silk
  • Means Of Fitting - Elastic strap


Anyone associated with stress relief should know about the importance of a good night’s sleep.

This sleep mask with aqua pearls can either be for hot therapy or cold therapy to help the wearer sleep and has been double safety tested with the CPSIA, FDA, and TRA.

Of course, it is reusable and you have the choice of eight colors from aqua, purple, orange, royal blue, black, red, green, and white.

The sleep masks are microwave safe and come with your design pad printed on them. 

  • Material - Aqua beads
  • Means Of Fitting - Elastic Strap

Final Thoughts

When deciding on a custom sleep mask, you should have a few things in mind.

There should be a budget and knowing how many you want to distribute can be noted down.

If you want to get a few birthday gifts or ideas for a bridal shower then opt for the high-quality you will get from having silk as a material.

For a batch of promotional items, you can stick to the same color, the same logo and the same one-size-fits-all design then opt for quantity.

You could upload any image to be added to your eye mask. This could be a cherished memory between you and your intended recipient.

It could also be a slogan that you both live by. As long as the sleep mask proves comfortable, it should be valuable for years in providing a good night’s sleep.

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